Saturday, October 29, 2011


I've lost my 2nd USB. Actually, this is probably my 3rd or 4th USB that has bit the dust. Each time was more traumatic as I lost more stuff. My life is on my USB - not physically - like TRON.

This time, I made the effort of removing the USB from the laptop and setting it, on top. Usually, this is fine. No one bothers it. This time, of course, William took it. Or a ghost. Amélie has no interest whatsoever in my USB and if I ask her where it is she can  usually tell me. This time she happily exclaimed YES! And went to the spot I last left it. We were both perplexed.

This is like a slow panic.  I'm between - crazy-panic-my-life-is-ruined and no-big-deal-I'll-find-it-in-a-minute-I'm-sure. I am still hoping that Will didn't flush it. I know he didn't eat it because I would have seen him do that for sure! He has a tendency to randomly grab things very casually and place them in strange places. I cleaned my house, washed my floors, did my dishes, turned my living room upside down, then right side up again (since it's small and I  might have missed it the first two times).

I already know how I'm going to avoid the crazy panic next time. I'm going to download my USB onto my PC and let Carbonite back it up for me once a week or whenever I update a big project or something. That way. I know I have a somewhat recent copy of my things.

Sigh. I'm majorly disappointed that I can't find it. I keep thinking I'm just missing it though.

So. For Christmas I would like at least 3 USB's of 8 GB. Or 6 USB's of 4 GB.

I'm so sad. I miss my USB and all the wonderful Excel spreadsheets that I made and stored on it. :(

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Red

I have never been to Little Red.

It's pretty cool.

Barbie helmets are pretty awesome.

Kids think sand is the problem for everything.

I'm pretty sure the teacher today was secretly a biker at the Olympics because she knew more about bikes than I know about - anything. She also kicked our butts at biking but I kicked the kids butts - Barbie helmet included.

I want to kick the girl teacher's butt because of how in shape she is - but not really because I'm pretty sure I would lose (terribly).

Little Red is really nice and has some neat trails.

I would probably get lost.

I'm almost positive we biked another 15-20kms today.

I thought this was a hiking trip. It wasn't.

Thank God for the Barbie helmet.

I got to drive the male teacher's truck back. It drives nice.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Play

            “I need your help writing a play.” That’s what my mom said. The first thing I thought was – crap. I hate writing plays. Then I thought, I’ve never even written a play. Then … I thought – can we put Star Trek into it?

            “So this is my idea.” My mom began to tell me of her character which I thought reminded me of someone. Mom. Then she started talking about the weird shows she watches but I was already thinking about the character.

            “Okay.” I said, interrupting her thoughts. She frowned but began to set the scene. Once she’d put enough information down she looked at me expectantly.

            “So what kind of scene should I have?” Then she began to describe her idea. I cut it down in my usual gentle way.


            She frowned again.

            “It should be like this.” Enter idea. She wasn’t really buying it, “Fine. But then this should happen.” She bought that.

 We started laughing and I started to enjoy the idea of writing this play. We have a similar sense of humor, which helps. There’s nothing worse than saying something you think is fricken hilarious and being met with silence. Or crickets. Oh my God I get annoyed by crickets. And I hate grasshoppers. OMG now I’m thinking of grasshoppers.

And NOW I’m super annoyed at my Microsoft Word for constantly TABBING every time I start a new paragraph! STOP thinking for yourself WORD! I’ll do the thinking around here!

Back to the play : I’ve been perusing the idea for a while. It has to be written in French though. I think I’ll try to jot some stuff down. Er. Type. I don’t jot anything. It takes too long. Although … it doesn’t RANDOMLY tab things. Or randomly make lists!!

            Speaking of lists, I need to get groceries. Well that puts an end to this blog post ... which was only partially about the play. Oh well. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ballet Class

I don't know why I'm getting worked up about it.

I know why. I don't want Amélie to get kicked out of class.

Now that I've written that ... I realize how silly that is. Think of the lesson she would learn if she got kicked out of class. Seriously. Also. How can anyone in their right mind expect a 3 1/2 year old to concentrate on being 'still' and 'perfect' for 30 minutes. Kids are supposed to have fun. Ballet is for fun at that age. She isn't going to grow up to be a ballerina ... probably.

So why am I worrying that she's 'disrupting class' because when I look at her as if she were in my preschool class - as my mom suggested - I would tell myself as a parent 'don't worry! She's ONLY 3.' It's all about learning what's acceptable and what isn't. She'll figure it out. She's not screaming. She's not crying. She's not pulling a tantrum ... she's just ... dancing ... on her own ... around ... the room.

Now that I've written that i realize how ridiculous I'm being. Amélie's teacher is very young. She also needs to figure it out lol. I can't imagine that every class has perfect students either.

Relax mama bear. Amélie will be fine. Miss Ariel will be fine. Everyone is fine. Let her dance.

And yet I still have that uneasy knot in my stomach.

Amélie is normal.

Practice chin-ups instead. I can only do one - barely. Also. Who runs up and down stairs? Also. Mom and I are writing a play and it's going to be hilarious because we could barely stop laughing lol. 

There are more important things to worry about than Amélie dancing around on her own in ballet class. Pfff ... seriously mama bear.

Well I feel better.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I'm so busy.

It makes a difference that I actually want to be good at my job this year. I even wear  high heels to work and put makeup on. I just need to do my hair. SERIOUSLY who has time for hair??!! I need to grow it out long again. Hello fancy ponytail here I come! AND since I'm getting white hairs heelllooo highlights or ... lowlights whatever.

I'm actually liking my job. I like being busy. I hate simply running out of time to get a task done and I get antsy when I 'fail' a task or take on a little too much. I'm learning what I can actually accomplish in a day and am working 30-35 hours a week ... and am contracted for 22.5 hours a week. Awwwkward. But I do realize that there will be more relaxing weeks ... I ... think. Oh sure there will be ... and they'll coincide with the weather being -30. (shrug) It really happens like that I swear!!

Random annoyance : SERIOUSLY my computer is irritating me because it is putting red squiggles everywhere since it's a french computer and I'm typing in English.

2nd random annoyance : My sister is REALLY irritating on the computer. Ever heard of typing gently. Your fingers are supposed to 'GLIDE' GAWD.

Now I just hope things keep going well. All I can really do is my best. I have my kids and I need the flexibility. Hopefully I've proven that I'm worth the flexibility.


On a sidenote - I'm having a Discovery Toy party on Friday and I'm excited! They are such good quality toys! My kids freakin' love them!

Okay. I'm tired now. And. I'm going to the gym tomorrow. I plan on sitting and drinking coffee. I am not joking. Maybe next time I'll try the treadmill but I need to take it a little easy.

FYI I wrote something HILARIOUS here but ... deleted it because I didn't think you'd appreciate the TMI no matter how funny it was.

But ... I might come back and add it. Tomorrow. After the gym. Stay tuned.