Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A few days ago, Amélie and I went outside and the horses were down in our lower corrals. Woot. A great chance to check up on them without having to track through the back pasture. I stroll down, Amélie zig zagging behind me and we start petting, naming, claiming horses. (finders keepers you know) I move us into a lower separating pen and notice a couple of leaner horses. As I'm perusing them, making estimations about the feed I can see and the amount of bales I might need, I notice one horse is definitely not starving. I blink in surprise and peer closer.

She's pregnant. FOR SURE! Or absurdly fat despite the rest of the herd being on the lean side. I think to myself, oh I must be mistaken about which horse it is, so I scan the others and quickly decide, nope, the other ones that are fat no matter what are over there. BAH! What the hell?!

I run and get my camera and take a picture of said horse and examine it. Then to confirm my suspicions I bring the picture to Easter to get GROUP confirmation. Yup, we all agree. She's pregnant. My mom jokes it was immaculate conception because there is only geldings in the pasture with her, but we have it narrowed down to one culprit who was gelded a tad later.

I'm thrilled beyond belief despite the fact that it wasn't exactly a spectacular crossing of horses lol. It's not even my horses, but I'm still very happy and excited. I check the horses EVERY day now just to be the first to see those extra long baby legs trotting beside a mommy.

Sidenote : I've actually tried for an hour to get a picture on here and no luck so ... tomorrow when I'm hopefully less cranky, I'll get one up. :/

Friday, April 22, 2011

My first massage - Ever

.... might be my last. Just kidding.

Interesting fact : massages hurt.

Just call me Wimpy McWimpster. Alright, when I gave in to getting a massage by a RMT I was in dire need. Seriously getting stress headaches and some major tense shoulders plus lots of work at the computer. Onward.

I wore my cutest liquidation world panties (grey with the tag printed on the wrong side) and they are now too big and I don't own any (for some weirdo reason) that actually fit. The massage therapist didn't care (I don't think).

Despite the fact that I feel like I did some strenuous exercise for hours (which I did not) the massage felt really good. I was surprised to realize just how tense my back and shoulders are. She informed me that she barely did a third of what could have been done and although I walked out of there thinking 'I'm super cool, no problem', I later woke up thinking 'WHY!? WHY?! Isn't she my FRIEND?!' and later that next day I decided to sub for three gym classes. Then I basically watched tv for two days while I tried to recover.

The massage itself felt wonderful, except for the part where she would ask 'does this hurt?' and if it did hurt at that time then obviously that part wasn't pleasant. A couple times, I thought I would come right off the table at the resistance in my back and other times I may have fallen asleep and missed part of the conversation. She must be used to it though because she never mentioned my complete lapses.

Finally, I have decided that I like massages. But ... spaced ... out ... I think. If this post isn't vague enough for you wait until I talk about Reiki. ;) Or is it Reikki? No that doesn't look right. I'll google it later and correct it maybe.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How I missed you dear Heroes

Finally!!! Netflix got Heroes working again so I can finish watching Season 4. I was literally freaking out. AND on top of that the Star Trek book I've been wanting to read since January 22nd came out for my KOBO (I already finished reading it) I was ultimately disappointed. :( Speaking of books, I'm SUPER pumped that the George RR Martin series - Game of Thrones is not only going to be a HBO series on TV! BUT he has a new book coming out!! .... in 2012. 8/.

Okay. Not the end of the world, and in fact positive thinking makes me happy for all those things to be happening/have happened.

AND I'm super happy that Scentsy is going so well. I just LOVE it. Alright, I also enjoy making spreadsheets, crunching numbers, color coding my agenda, putting sticky notes in my agenda and saying things like 'oh I'll just write it off', even though I have no idea if I will be able to write something off.

Work is going well, busy as always, going for my first massage on Monday, have two basket parties going out over Easter weekend ....

All this good stuff makes me super nervous. Why you ask? Because ... I don't know how to just be happy, really, truly happy about good things happening. I always expect 'the other shoe' to fall. Maybe my kids will get super sick, or an accident or ... other horrible things. Even though, those are things I can't actually control ... or predict ... it puts a dirty cloud over my sunshine.

It's so hard to cover all the corners, get all the bases ... or whatever that saying is.

Random note : I need to buy more ink.

I've also been majorly slacking in my 101 in 1001 days ... yeesh. Time to revisit that soon. Maybe do a start over, reorganize my goals.

Anyways, that's my blog post for the morning ... my bad ... afternoon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Back to work.

It wasn't that bad. Actually, my boss was very cool and easy going about my immediate need for extreme flexibility. In return I work very hard when I'm there and am getting a lot done.

And, of course, being my mother's daughter and not being able to only have one job, I saw an opportunity and jumped at it. I applied for a short term job with Census Canada. Going back part-time is cutting into my funds and I won't be able to collect EI so I needed to supplement.

So far, Will has been great. The first day was a little tough but I was only gone for about 6 hours total. Now I pump after lunch and have been getting less and less every time so my body is adjusting. Will still nurses in the morning and all night.

In other fun things, I've been doing great with Scentsy. I'm SO enjoying it!! So far a lot of basket parties, only one home party, but the basket parties are neat too :) They involve someone taking my supplies and visiting their friends. It is less work for me, but then I don't get to practice giving my little spiel haha. Alright, I'll admit, it's still fun!! I'm looking forward to doing more parties basket AND home parties that is.

What else is there to catch up on? I need to get my hair dyed again. Badly. Yuck. Haha. When people notice my grey hairs (and I'm only 28 yrs old) I think it's safe to say it's time to start dying my hair regularly Bahahaha!

Oh yes, and one more thing, we will be having a big Linfitt Birthday bash on May 7th. Since Will's 1st birthday is May 2nd, Amélie's birthday is May 5th and mine is May 9th (my official 28th birthday) and mother's day is in the middle, we will just have on party.
That's all for now!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Back to work on Monday

I'm horribly nervous. I've had two AMAZINGLY understanding bosses and now I have a new boss and I'm walking into a major to-do list. Last I heard I didn't have an office. My last communication with my new boss had him wondering why I wasn't at work today, but I have the email that says that Monday is my first day so ... what the hell ...

Also, we talked in January that I wanted a flexible schedule and right off the bat, I want a REALLY flexible schedule. Like working 4 hours, then 4.5, then 5 ... (I work 22.5 hours a week and my job requires it to be pretty flexible on the days that I'm actually needed/have work to do) I'm really hoping he's okay with that.

Normally, this would be like ... no big deal. At all. Why is it then?

I'm still breastfeeding my 11 month old little guy. I don't want to quit. He LOVES breastfeeding and it's saving us money. Being gone for 7.5 hours right off the start will do two things to me : MAJOR engorgement and probably major stress. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't go well so I'm hoping my boss will be open to some flexibility while we all adjust.

Will isn't sleeping his nights and I'm not making him. I don't mind, but it does make me need a teeny bit later of a start in the day.

To be honest, I really can't think of a reason why I can't have the flexible schedule I will be asking for. But we will see come Monday. Until then I just need to chill.

Anyways, I can't believe how fast they grow up.

Sidenote : Corey is going to have the RUN of his life chasing our toddler and almost 3 year old. ESPECIALLY since he got a fish tank and was ALWAYS critiquing my house cleaning abilities. HAHA. Okay but really he'll probably have the house ridiculously clean and the kids will be just playing quietly while he has supper or something going. Whatever. Beginner's luck.