Monday, September 30, 2013

First my shoes ... then my truck ...

I like to go through my texts from time to time because I'm absent-minded lately. I even put things where I'll see them so I don't forget and leave the house without them anyways. Like the photoshoot props I bought just for Nikki. Whatever. I came across a text from our photographer from the end of August and it made me shake my head all over again.

We were meeting in Prince Albert because he was done editing our family images (from mom's 50th birthday party). We were going to meet at Rona. So he asks me where I'm parked and I reply :

Me : I drive a red dodge.

Some time passes and I decide to specify

Me : Truck.

1 minute passes

Me : What do you drive?

That way there's two of us looking right? Of course. Totally logical.

Suddenly ... something occurs to me. My truck isn't red.

Me : I mean TAN!!! AHAHAHAHA

Some more time passes ....

... and he calls ... as he's walking by ....

and I realize my truck isn't tan either. It's silver.

You're welcome.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

And .... where's my shoes???

Just imagine a looong exasperated sigh here.

All I was doing was dropping off some Scentsy and some chocolate. I mean ... it was easy, run in - drop it off - stare at everyone - leave.

This is what happened.

I parked the truck, sorta. Madison had to go pee so we argued about the etiquette of borrowing someone's bathroom - she won. We got out of the vehicle and stepped inside. Maddie asked to borrow the washroom, no problem. I took off my shoes not sure how far we were going, turns out not that far.

I commented how big the girls were and chatted about some other thing. Handed over the chocolate, she smelled the bars - nothing happened in the right order here. Whatever.

She commented something and I randomly replied, only now realizing that I may have replied in a completely erroneous way and off-topic because she kind of laughed like 'this one is a crazy lady'. Then Maddie was back and gone and I said thanks and enjoy and I left.

I only noticed when I got down the steps that I didn't have my shoes. Seriously? O-O.

I went back to the house and opened the door.

"I forgot my shoes."

She probably gets that all the time.