Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Amélie's Antics - May 9th, 2012

The scene : Minor Emergency waiting room, Amélie is dancing around as usual. She watches people going into the doctor's room ... sort of. Suddenly she stops and gapes.

Amélie : Mommy! What happened to that girl?!

I turn to see an old man leaving the waiting room. I am only puzzled half a second.

Me : Nothin-.
Amélie : She turned into a BOY!!!! (She's shocked)

I'm tempted to tell her that indeed that's what happens but ... instead ...

Me : No (laughing) he just came out-.
Amélie : MOM!!! THat girl is a BOY NOW!!!
Me : No, Amélie, he was just in there before that's all. Now he's done.
Amélie (pondering this thought) : Oh Phew. That's awkward.
Me : Indeed.

Later, same place, still waiting ...

Amélie : Is that girl hurt?
Me : Yes, she hurt her arm.
Amélie : Are they going to cut it off (very worried)
Me : No.
Amélie : They're going to CUT IT OFF!!
Me : NO.
Amélie : Oh ... phew. That's awkward.
Me : Indeed.

In the doctor's office ...

Amélie : I want to see her 'puter.
Me : She's just working.
Amélie : No the other side.

The doctor shows her the other side. Teddy Bear's ... skeletons ... Oi.
Amélie is predictably horrified.

Amélie : What happened to those bears?!
Me : That's their skeletons ...

You can imagine the discussion we had on the way home.