Monday, April 20, 2015

Nolan Jerome Joseph Linfitt

Born March 19th, 2015 at 12:39 am
10lbs 1 ounce, 21.5 inches long
Due March 6th

I went into labour at about ... I have no idea honestly, but I was dilating painlessly during the day. AT 6ish pm I texted our doula to let her know that I was losing my mucous plug and she told me I would be pregnant until April. Do you feel the LOVE? I still thought MAYBE it was false because ... you know I was already at 41 weeks +5 days so .... figures right? By 9 pm they were no longer super fun or exciting contractions lol.

We called mom and she came over, then we were on the way by .... shortly after 10 or so ... Shortly after Rosthern, my water broke and it was SUPER GROSS. My water usually only breaks when I get to about 5cm or more, and usually baby is born within the hour ... so OBVIOUSLY I was like .... oohhhhhh damn it.

The pain was quickly getting worse so I made sure to be hands and knees to slow the labour down and because that's the best way to deal with back pain. We got to Saskatoon at 11:18 pm and inside.

I immediately removed pants because GROSS it felt slimy and ... just super gross. Once seeing that my fluid was clear I labored at the bed mostly. It was super painful, super fast - all in my back, like unbelievable, ridiculous, nobody can make it go away pain. Our doula, Lisa, did something to my hips which - apparently- made me finish dilating and then they all wanted me to go to the bathroom. Like ... what? I crawled there ... I'm  not joking, there was no way I was walking and I was asking for an epidural and I'm sure I quit at LEAST 5 times between the bed and the bathroom ... labour sucks. I remember at one point lying on my back and it actually felt okay for a few minutes ... anyways, once I got to the bathroom they made me sit on the toilet and it was hard work just doing that LOL, then they all wanted me to go pee ... like ... omg ... then the midwife asked if she could check to see how dilated I was and check on baby. I agreed - actually, she asked BEFORE we went to the bathroom, but I was told to go to the bathroom first so my mind did things in order. Then they wanted me to turn around and the minute I turned around, with the intention of going to the bed to be checked, Nolan dropped down and he was pretty much crowning and ... nobody was ready. I kind of fumbled here because the sensation was unexpected and the birth position is hard to describe ... perhaps acrobatic but basically draped/leaning on Corey and the midwife, with some doula hands .... and my hand on Nolan's head because nobody was ready and then I needed to put my hand down so I asked the midwife to take over the head part ...

Then I worked on breathing/pushing ... it's really hard to not push when that urge comes but basically it was a gentle time, no panicking, no freaking out ... everyone was calm. He wasn't stuck and it turns out he had his hand by his head so was taking his sweet time ... and he blinked as soon as his head was out. Good thing I couldn't see that because ... that's creepy? Then his shoulders and he was out and Corey announced it was a boy and I was all ... wait ... what? First words I said were ... I've never been wrong before ... BAHAHAHA. I mean ... look at him he's .... ginormous? I mean ... AWWWWWWWWW

Everyone kept saying how big he was and etc ... and I was basically just stunned he was a boy. Stuff happened here ... not sure what, then I was on the bed, taking homeopathic remedies and the placenta came out like textbook perfect and I heard a WOW and look at that. Nolan is a true miracle, he had a TRUE KNOT in his placenta. True knots cause a lot of still births, my sweet Nolan has been the exception to a great many rules and a true blessing. I'll make another post about all the rules he has been an exception to in his life later. I have a photo of the true knot as well if you want to see it ... but it's bloody and ... you know ... placenta-y ...

Then ... Nolan was weighed - at this point the only name we had picked out were girl names so ... he was just known as ... Boy at this point. 10lbs 1 ounce. Debbie, secondary midwife, was bang on with her guess ... I was surprised again .... LOL.

Post Notes : Debbie was the primary midwife for William and Nikki's birth but she was going to be away for Nolan's expected due date so we had gotten Alison as our primary. When I went supremely overdue, Alison was kind enough and thoughtful enough to text Debbie to come be secondary. <3 Awwwww. It was great.

Post Note 2 : I wanted to get this wrote down before I forgot details - nobody really asked how it went this time around ... weird eh? I guess 4th baby and all we all just expect him to have a job already and stuff ;)