Saturday, March 24, 2018

Femoral and Umbilical Hernia Surgery - not for wimps

It's been nearly a year since I blogged and I had so much to say about this surgery it wouldn't all fit on my facebook. It also seemed weird to put it there? Anyways.

I was all set for this surgery - back when I thought it would be in December, or January ... and then maybe February but it happened March 20th with a surgeon I met for a TOTAL time of less than 15 minutes.

Luckily, I was one of the very first to have surgery that day so despite being there at 615 am, we were in day surgery fairly quickly after that. We chatted with 3 other couples there for surgery. Well two other couples, a man and a baby - dental surgery. I was brought into a room and told to get completely naked, pee in a cup, and put the new things on. Not in that particular order.


When I was done changing behind the very sketchy curtain I answered some questions, showed them my permanent wire on my teeth and then went to sit with the others. After a quick glance around, I realized ... I was the ONLY one who wasn't given pants. Even the BABY had pants. The baby. Not me. Pantsless. And pantyless. #notcoolguys.

When we got to the OR waiting area, we sat - me and another guy in our separate curtained areas with warm blankets. I listened to everyone around me. I met a fellow (who was actually a girl) who would be assisting in the surgery, a nurse, the anesthesiologist, the other dude's anesthesiologist and saw tons of people. Eventually I saw my surgeon and she drew a smily face on my left  hip. It's still there. It won't wash off. It'll be there forever. She also told me she might not see me before I left because she had a super important surgery after mine but I could wait and she would find me.

Another lady - super high on dilaudin - was chatting about how she's had so many surgeries to the nurse who was trying to get answers out of her. Quote 'why did you give me these drugs ... if you wanted straight answers from me!?'. True. You tell them lady. She was getting a knee replacement.

Sidenote : one of the nurses in day surgery was on her first day back after knee surgery.

Finally I was brought into my OR room #2. I was terrified but my OR nurses were so great. They talked to me and asked personal questions, teased the others. It really helped. They had something called a pause where they talked about the surgery and then they strapped me down, super scary, then started the IV. The anesthesiologist ended up taking over when the nurse couldn't get it in the first time. It took a few more minutes, they gave me some oxygen and started chatting about who wears the pants in the anesthesiologists house etc ... then I got super sleepy and was out.

When I woke up, I was in total freak out mode. I had no idea where I was, what I was there for and why I was in so much pain. You guys. Completely freaked out and one nurse said 'You just had surgery of course your in pain'. Wow. Thanks for that considerate word of encouragement. Eventually I was able to breathe out that I was in a 9/10 for pain and they gave me morphine.

I remember them saying they were going to move me but I hadn't had 15 minutes of oxygen and they said it would continue in day surgery. It did not continue in day surgery by the way. Once in day surgery recovery area I. was. a. mess. I don't remember a ton of details, just one of the nurses - Jessica and a few others saying I was white as the sheet I was wrapped in. I was cold. I was hot. I was shaky. I could hardly breathe. I was exhausted. I don't know the entire order of things that happened after this. I drank juice/water. I had to pee so bad but absolutely could not get up to walk at all. I kept asking how the surgery went, it was my number one concern. I asked in the surgical recovery room too and no one would answer me. In fact, one nurse in the day surgery gave me a lecture about how she wasn't there, she didn't know how it went, she didn't have the answers and the surgeon wasn't coming to talk to me. I cried. Well, except I couldn't cry so it was the ugliest, gasping, stomach clenching sobbing terrified mess you can imagine.

Super terrified. Corey pat my hand and told me it probably was fine. Guess how I took that. Not well. Everyone got silent treatment once I calmed down, until ... a nurse came in and Corey asked HER and she said oh it went very well, if you wait around long enough the surgeon will come down and chat with you, but they hadn't been told of any complications. Like how fucking hard was that you guys. I did a 180, pain started to subside, I agreed to try walking - which was sketchy but successful. Jessica and another nurse helped me. I peed. I freaked out that my legs were pink - turns out it's the antibacterial stuff they use. Thought I had a blood clot. No biggie. #holycrap

After this, I did a lot of resting/sleeping until I started to get steadier and then my surgeon DID come and tell me it went great. I DO have a tiny divet but not enough of a 3rd hernia to warrant surgery but the other two went well. The mesh fell right into place right where she wanted it etc. She told me to expect bruising watch out for infection and no lifting/strenuous anything for at LEAST 2 weeks but closer to 4-6 weeks. Get walking right away.


It took me until about 130 ish to decide I was ready to go home. I was given a list of instructions and told to sign a paper to promise I wouldn't sign for anything important. Ironic. the nurse that discharged me was so amazing about all the instructions and was very serious about what to lift what not to do and what was good to do. I went home and was in bed and slept/whined a lot.

4 am we ended up making a call to 811 when I was in so much pain and I couldn't stop shaking. At all. I felt so, so, so sick. The nurse on the phone was pretty good at talking Corey through all my symptoms and telling him what to watch for and what to do and what to give me. A dose of dilaudid, gravol and water later I was finally settling down. Dilaudid was my friend for 12 hours until I could switch to Tylenol.

The next day, ended up in the ER for bleeding from an incision, but that's a whole other story. Phew. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Chicken Update

I tried to put this on my facebook as my status but it got to be extremely long, and far too detailed.

I started off with 110 chicks yesterday - 100 meat and 10 Ameraucana (Easter Eggers that lay beautiful colored eggs). Overnight I lost 5. I was very bummed but figured it was my heat lamp configuration. Rearranged it today and when I got home they were still good to go. Between being home and having supper - 3 more died except these babies had bite marks.

My poor babies! :( Oh noes!

Cats. Curse you cats! Plus Julie the cat was moving her kittens up - I can only assume to practice killing on the chicks. I am hoping Henrietta will be able to protect her 10 babies with the other white chicken mamas. I watched her take a huge chunk out of another one of our cats (hilarious).

So what does this all mean? It means at seven o'clock at night we changed our chickens coops.

Enter the usual entertainment.

First we argued about whose idea it was to put the chicks in the small coop first (it was mine by the way) then Hubby said we would move the box. (WTF) It weighs a ton.

Hubby : Can you lift please?
Me making a mediocre effort : I can't
Hubby sighs in annoyance and more arguing about why I can't lift a ton. (shrug)
Hubby : Fine then ... shove.
Me : Are the hens still in there?
Hubby grunting with effort to lift a ton. Me not shoving anymore I'm looking for the hens.

By the way this whole time we are lifting shoving this thing ... there are STILL TWO hens in there. They are hardcore brooders. Hard. Core. I took the eggs out after we decided to tip it. Yes... after. I feel bad about it ... #awkward. So we finally get this thing laying on it's side on a wheelbarrow and a wagon and there is still a hen in there. The brown one got out and got real mad at me. We shove it back into the new space and I toss the brown hen in with the chicks and she is like ... What ... what ... the hell ... what? Completely confused. So I gave her an egg and she just sat on it and protected it and it kept her happy for a while.

Whatever chicken. The other one is still in her box and she's mad but not budging. Fine. I gave her back her eggs and some new, fresh bedding. Then I went and prepped the baby coop for the babies. I'm real glad I had taken out the worst of it a couple weeks ago because I only needed to scoop out a couple more and then I put fresh bedding, while Hubby put up the heat lamps. Then I set up the water and got the chicks. In their new home they seem to like it much better but it's real hot in there. I hope they don't die from heat exhaustion. I might turn off a lamp during the day? Yikes. I don't know! LOL It's WAY easier when a mama hen raises them.

Then I locked the door and 30 chickens and a rooster are staring at me. Terrifying. I try to cajole them to the other barn. Corey tries to cajole them. Finally we end up having to catch each one - probably  missed a few and tossing them in there. I locked the door but I already know they can get out. There is a divider between them and Henrietta/babies and another divider between them and the brown hardcore brooder, since she sat on some eggs there and isn't budging.

I have no idea what's going to happen now. Chaos probably. Luckily Henrietta's babies will be able to go with the other chicks once the other chicks are bigger and Henrietta allows them to.

I'm tired. That was exhausting. Chicks better not die tonight. Hopefully the rooster and Henrietta can guard the others and nobody gets eaten outside.

Corey talked about adding on to my barn but I have a way better idea for next year. Way. Better. ;)

Friday, July 15, 2016

Training Sugar

Some things I learned about my first day getting back to working with the horses.

I need more supplies than a lead shank, pink whip and a dog brush that I found outside, and I should also bring all supplies at the same time to save from going back and forth.

I also learned that even though my horses haven't been worked in YEARS, they are still in better shape than I am.

We need to do something about the quicksand mud hole in front of the horse shelter. ASAP so I don't drown there.

It's really hard to get on a horse without a saddle ... or bridle, or halter .... a rock would have helped.

It was really rewarding when I was able to lead her out of the round pen and to the field, in the MIDDLE and she didn't leave until I pat her neck and told her to go.

I'm 100% sure she will NEVER do that again hahahaha!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New hatch!

I recently hatched out 14 chicks. After my last attempt, I wanted to try again and get better at it, but I really didn't need a ton more chicks (Hello I have 73 chicks.) I found someone who wanted to buy some chicks so I made a deal and started incubating 30 eggs. That's right. 30. I figured ... if I didn't do well, I should get at least a few.

By day 14, I culled 2 that didn't grow properly.

By Day 20 I had 2 chicks born already! And it was the same weekend as Amelie's First communion/confirmation so ... that's right ... lol, super busy.

New babies! Born June 18-19th
Lucky  far left back - the tiniest chick I've ever seen. It hatched upside down - it was ... a breech baby. HAHA

Seriously, awesome coloring on this one

All the babies on their last night here.
73 chicks They are now separated into 2 groups. Meat chicks and Laying chicks.
Out of the 28 left, 14 were born. 1 leghorn/barred rock and 13 barred rock. One of them was born
with it's 'intestines' hanging out so I thought .... darn. But it turns out it wasn't it's intestines. It was the yolk sac. This chick is SO TINY and adorable, but super, super annoying. I still don't know if it'll live long enough to be productive but it has already surpassed my expectations so off it goes with it's siblings to a new home!

I also ordered some leg bands so I can put some on the chickens to tell them apart, like Henrietta, Little Peep etc ... you know the 'special' ones.

I can't wait until next year to hatch more eggs!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Crazy Chicken Lady

One day ... not that long ago, I was washing dishes. Nikki was outside with Corey and so was Missy and he was 'keeping an eye on them'. I soon realized they were nowhere in sight but yet I could still see Corey. I put my shoes on and stomped outside, furious. I found  Nikki sitting in a tire and Missy and Odie were by the road. I gestured at the dogs in 'SEE??!!!!' and stared at Corey meaningfully. He sheepishly shrugged and said 'They're fine ....'. The worry I had about the dog was that Missy would get into the chickens ... but then ....

I saw it ...

out of Odie's mouth. A white ... chicken. I lost all thoughts of humane behavior. I was furious and disappointed and I freaked out. I called at him furiously and then he ... ran. away. OMG. Let's just add some desperate arm gestures and frantic calling of names. I took off after him, still screaming like a cray cray. I got to the end of the driveway and took off jogging, because guys, Odie is old and if I kept at it I would catch him. EXCEPT

Corey did not hold Missy. He figured she would obey him.

What. The. BAD WORD. DUDE I can't even express how pissed I was. It was like an explosion. So I had to double back, dragging Missy who was just trying to come with me ... I guess she thought she was helping. Corey gave her shit - I still blame him for not just holding on to her like CRIPES.

Anyways, then I realized I wasn't going to catch Odie anymore so I ran to the house to put my boots on because he had cut into the field. Corey said he would 'go catch him' but I was all ;

Take care of your bleep bleep dog, try training her. I wasn't very polite at this point because all I could see was my poor chicken. :(

So I grabbed a lead line - I don't know why - and trudged through the pasture, still yelling at Odie. I couldn't find him, I crawled through a fence and eyed the tall grass. The chickens are doing a good job with tick control in the yard but .... I trudged through anyways. I still couldn't find him. Depressed and disappointed in the dog I've been bragging about for so long at being SO GOOD with the chickens despite being a lab ... I went home. I even pat Tinky's nose I was so out of it (hate him). I got to the chicken coop and there was Odie, acting super guilty. I couldn't even touch him I was scared I would strangle him. I stomped to the house, too mad to even yell at my husband for not holding Missy and making me lose track of Odie.

Later on, Corey came back in and told me he counted the white chickens and there was 10 + Little Peep. I stared at him.

Are you sure?

He nodded. Before we went to Garth Brooks I went out to tuck my chickens in for night and counted. Everyone accounted for. I looked at Odie bewildered. What the hell did he have in his mouth that he absolutely had to hide from me?!

It's a mystery!!! I checked all the chickens, and there WAS one looking a little more ragged than the rest but ... he wouldn't ... carry a chicken all around the country would he?

I'm stumped but relieved I didn't take my anger out of him.

But seriously ... what was in his mouth?

Twilight music

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I've seen a lot of videos lately of .. various things. Videos and pictures ridiculing someone, or a situation. I have usually ignored them, but recently ... I came across an entire facebook page ridiculing bad drivers and parkers and I immediately got upset. Sometimes I can't park properly, sometimes my anxiety makes it so I park where I can, I go in and get out of wherever as quickly as I can and I leave. Sometimes my kids are screaming and crying and fighting and I just need to stop my vehicle or it's distracting and I do something uncool like cut someone off. Sometimes I go to park and someone has already screwed up and so I have no choice but to park equally ridiculously.

I was worried I would find our van badly parked in those photos. I didn't but I was still very bothered. Isn't that slandering? Isn't that making assumptions? How do we know those people deserve to be publicly humiliated? And sharing a video of an accident or something bad happening to someone else seems like poor taste. It also feeds everyone's need to see bad accidents and give their opinions. I'm sorry but that accident is not up for public debate, it's up to the police and those involved. I'm ashamed to have watched the video in disbelief as a huge truck ran the light.

Or am I being too paranoid? I don't know ... it doesn't feel okay to post pictures of someone's error in judgement without permission and any video depicting something like that gorilla thing ... is horrendous ... unless the parents had given their approval I guess. I'm sure they didn't. What a yucky feeling that gives me to know that one day I could be having a rotten day and then wake up to have it plastered everywhere without anyone knowing the entire situation.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Puck OCK!!!

I love chickens.

I don't know why. Maybe because they are very non-judgemental. The roosters don't care if the hen is a different breed, I'm not even sure if they care about the breed of animal ... very non-judgemental.

They also take care of each other - just kidding, they pick on each other all the time, especially the hens. It's like mean girls in the coop during the winter. Now that it's summer, the Leghorns (white hens) have all grown their feathers back and don't look like they are suffering from mange or something.

Some of our older hens, the red ones of unknown breed because I never bothered to ask, are kind of ... dying. Except one. They are old, like 5 or 6 ... or ... somewhere in there. They aren't even laying any eggs anymore. #slackers. #eatingforfree

Batoche is getting their hens (and one rooster) back for the summer. I don't know if they are coming back for the winter but I'm keeping Henrietta because she has been broody once and raised a chick. Little Peep, who we just separated from her. We still don't know if Little Peep is a boy or a girl ... I change it to he or she every day. Will that confuse her? Meh. We've also caught little Peep and started taming him. Today William was able to catch her! Usually it takes all of us cornering him.

I also managed to hatch 4 chicks in an incubator Corey built me! It was super exciting and we (I) pretty much sat in front of it for 3 straight days while they hatched. There were some problems though and out of 16 eggs ... only 4 ... hatched. That's awkward. And one had to be put down because it's legs were broken. Also - another one - my favorite - died. It got squished by a board and I feel sick when I think about it. He was super, super tame. There are still 2 left, one of them is from William's egg he claimed. It's name is Lightning and it's SUPER neat looking. Leghorn X Barred Rock Rooster. I can't wait to see it grow up. The other one is getting very fluffy with darker bars I think ... it might be a little pullet (hen) I hope so!

I have 30 more eggs in the incubator but I'm not worried about getting 30 more chicks. At my hatch rate I'll be lucky to get ... 6. Plus they are sold already to someone who was looking for some barred rock chicks.

We also ordered some chicks from the hatchery. We ordered before we knew I would like to incubate. We ordered 25 meat chicks, 25 laying hens and 10 barred rocks. We got 25 meat chicks that look like the 25 laying chicks .... and 10 brown mysterious chicks. After getting in touch with the hatchery they offered us to get 10 barred rocks (if they have enough) or refund us. If we can't get the barred rock chicks I will ask if they can send us more meat chicks I think instead. Maybe. I better decide soon.

Anyways, we don't know what breed the brown chicks are but we have it narrowed down to Rhode Island Reds or New Hampshire Reds. We will have to wait and see. Also - I can now tell the difference between the meat chicks and the laying chicks LOL. More on that another day.

And Now ... chick pictures

Female? Barred Rock chick and meat chick
Lightning in the background, 2 barred rocks (including the one that died) and the ordered chicks
This is my baby that died. :(
Little Peep ... not so little anymore! 6 weeks ... maybe 7 weeks. Born April 20th