Thursday, September 6, 2012

Statuses for September 6th - 2012

1. I taught the kids about orange apples today at school. I'm by far the coolest preschool teacher evah. Instead of correcting the mistake I simply substituted yellow apples for the rest of the kids. No one even noticed ..... ha. It was a Pinterest project - so will blog about it later.

2. The highway from PA to St. Louis is a road hazard in itself. Now that there are no lines on it, everyone has become morons. I especially love how they pass right by those no passing signs. Love. Or going up a hill. Or pass about 7 cars. Or ... or ... sigh.

3. We have had no running water for over 24 hours now. My hair is greasy, my dishes are piling up and my animals are thirsty and they're buckets are now empty. Love.

4. Our furnace is an asshole, pretty much all the time now. Luckily Corey decided to get on it right away, but dear winter, please hold off. Geez.

5. Jay Jay is at his new home and settling in great. He got a hair cut, a nail trim, a nice brushing (so needed all of it) and he has a nice new purple halter. HE looks great and I hope he meets all their expectations. Given what he is expected to do ... he should be super good at it. Come up to the barn - be caught - be groomed and spoiled - released while other horses get worked on.

6. The kids have been good at the new sitter's, or so everyone says. Although Amélie did say 'Don't ask her if I gave her attitude' when we went back to get William on Wednesday 0_o. I asked. Amélie didn't. Someone ... is lying bahahahaha. Who cares, it seems to be going good and that's all that matters.

7. Amélie is settling into school nicely and has made a new bestie. Or a first bestie - not sure. Anyways the two together make everyone else laugh and her new bestie pulls her around by the tutu - uh since that's pretty much all that Amélie will agree to wear to school.

8. Mornings have me up and at 'em, dragging two kids out the door who are whining they want to sleep. I'm actually enjoying it since they now know what I mean when I say ... you're going to be tired ......

9. It's hunting season.

10. I forgot I put ribs in the slow cooker today and I was super happy to be surprised with them when I got home. I was so confused I wondered if someone had made me a surprise only to remember how smart I was.

11. Corey has a list of projects he wants to get done and is being really good at keeping up with them. Or at least getting the info he needs to get them done. Yay for him.

12. I have no ability to remember anything that I say I will so if I say that to you  ... you should probably email me or text me ... repeatedly.