Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I'm so busy.

It makes a difference that I actually want to be good at my job this year. I even wear  high heels to work and put makeup on. I just need to do my hair. SERIOUSLY who has time for hair??!! I need to grow it out long again. Hello fancy ponytail here I come! AND since I'm getting white hairs heelllooo highlights or ... lowlights whatever.

I'm actually liking my job. I like being busy. I hate simply running out of time to get a task done and I get antsy when I 'fail' a task or take on a little too much. I'm learning what I can actually accomplish in a day and am working 30-35 hours a week ... and am contracted for 22.5 hours a week. Awwwkward. But I do realize that there will be more relaxing weeks ... I ... think. Oh sure there will be ... and they'll coincide with the weather being -30. (shrug) It really happens like that I swear!!

Random annoyance : SERIOUSLY my computer is irritating me because it is putting red squiggles everywhere since it's a french computer and I'm typing in English.

2nd random annoyance : My sister is REALLY irritating on the computer. Ever heard of typing gently. Your fingers are supposed to 'GLIDE' GAWD.

Now I just hope things keep going well. All I can really do is my best. I have my kids and I need the flexibility. Hopefully I've proven that I'm worth the flexibility.


On a sidenote - I'm having a Discovery Toy party on Friday and I'm excited! They are such good quality toys! My kids freakin' love them!

Okay. I'm tired now. And. I'm going to the gym tomorrow. I plan on sitting and drinking coffee. I am not joking. Maybe next time I'll try the treadmill but I need to take it a little easy.

FYI I wrote something HILARIOUS here but ... deleted it because I didn't think you'd appreciate the TMI no matter how funny it was.

But ... I might come back and add it. Tomorrow. After the gym. Stay tuned.

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