Saturday, March 5, 2016

March update

Ugh. I'm so upset.

My two oldest children left our little back door open (it's only a square maybe 1.5 Feet by 1.5 feet but STILL) all night on the coldest night of the year. Last night I noticed my roosters have black on their comb and waddles!! Ouain!!! It doesn't look like any disease I can find, but it DOES look like frostbite. I'm so sad and feel awful for them! I will have to call the vet on Monday and ask if there's anything I can even do for them. Poor boys! Tomorrow I'm going to check each chicken over and look at feet. Nobody is limping or off their feed, everyone is laying as per usual, just ... have frostbite. Poor boys.

In other news, today, William got the HUSTLER award at his hockey tournament in Aberdeen! I'm so proud of him. I don't know what it means ... but it doesn't matter. He was beyond thrilled to earn it Tee HEE. Tonight is his last tournament, then a few practices, then the parent/kid game then he's done. PHEW. Then all we have left is Amelie's dance competition at the end of April and then her recital at the beginning of May.

We are also getting ready for Easter. I've decided to get them 'stuff' instead of a lot of chocolate. With Nolan being allergic to milk it kind of makes it a little scary to have eggs hiding in places forever. I don't want him to accidentally find one.

Also - Corey made me wash the van today ... then I drove home from Aberdeen. It's +8. March. Exactly. #wastedourmoney.