Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ballet Class

I don't know why I'm getting worked up about it.

I know why. I don't want Amélie to get kicked out of class.

Now that I've written that ... I realize how silly that is. Think of the lesson she would learn if she got kicked out of class. Seriously. Also. How can anyone in their right mind expect a 3 1/2 year old to concentrate on being 'still' and 'perfect' for 30 minutes. Kids are supposed to have fun. Ballet is for fun at that age. She isn't going to grow up to be a ballerina ... probably.

So why am I worrying that she's 'disrupting class' because when I look at her as if she were in my preschool class - as my mom suggested - I would tell myself as a parent 'don't worry! She's ONLY 3.' It's all about learning what's acceptable and what isn't. She'll figure it out. She's not screaming. She's not crying. She's not pulling a tantrum ... she's just ... dancing ... on her own ... around ... the room.

Now that I've written that i realize how ridiculous I'm being. Amélie's teacher is very young. She also needs to figure it out lol. I can't imagine that every class has perfect students either.

Relax mama bear. Amélie will be fine. Miss Ariel will be fine. Everyone is fine. Let her dance.

And yet I still have that uneasy knot in my stomach.

Amélie is normal.

Practice chin-ups instead. I can only do one - barely. Also. Who runs up and down stairs? Also. Mom and I are writing a play and it's going to be hilarious because we could barely stop laughing lol. 

There are more important things to worry about than Amélie dancing around on her own in ballet class. Pfff ... seriously mama bear.

Well I feel better.

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Dorothy said...

I know how you feel....Dustin barely listened at soccer last year. This year he is the only boy in gymnastics....with 10 (or so) other girls. I am not allowed in the class, but the door was open the other day and I was watching all the girls give it their best to follow the way the teacher told them to jump off of the balance beam. Dustin's turn came up and he did some (much more fun lol) spinny jump. The teacher simply told him to get back on the beam and try again. He did and did the jump right...I was super impressed with both of them!!!

Not to worry, she is only 3, and I am sure other kids have off days too.