Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Also. It's Hunting Season Eve

It's the beginning of goose hunting season and archery deer season. I'm pretty sure Corey is inventing some seasons like 'stalk and shoot at annoying birds in yard' or 'hide under a bunch of rocks and shoot coyote'. I'm pretty sure he's making those up. But. Now. It's officially hunting season and tomorrow morning he'll wake me up SUPER early because he won't have gotten things ready the night before so he'll be stomping around the house ... super sigh.

On the upside, there will hopefully be fresh goose meat tomorrow night for supper. And hopefully I won't have to cook any of it. Or ... clean any of it.

This year ... let's hope there is no unattended deer meat left on my kitchen table and no sink full of goose breasts to clean at supper time. The truth is, that's gross.

I appreciate the meat and don't mind helping to cut and wrap, everything else is a pain in the ass.

This is going to be a long four months.

Grocery list obsession

I printed off this 'ultimate grocery list' thinking it would help me remember what I need to buy and keep things in order. No. I give it a fail. Although it GENERALIZES things it doesn't give you much room to write specifics, besides I like shopping for deals and writing prices down. That's how I make my grocery budget. Now that hunting season is here, budget is even more important, something that Corey forgets.

Thursday is my favorite day because of all the new flyers that come out with all the deals for the next week. It's awesome. I like making my list and getting my recipes and cooking them.

WHOA! What? Who the hell took over my freakin'  blog.

Just kidding. It's still me.

I have made a point of bringing my lunch to work and so far so good. Brilliant right? It also means that I have to make supper the night before in order to have dinner the next day. Corey makes food that is lame, except for when he makes fish. That's it. Oh and Chicken breast. YUM! Also. There is a trick to this. If you make something awesome you have to make LOTS otherwise there are no leftovers and that's pointless. I did that on Monday and had no leftovers and had to eat Pizza Pops. (shrug)

So now, I'm compiling a grocery list, since Friday will be grocery day and I must have awesome lunches. That's the way it has to be.

Sigh. I got completely sidetracked while writing this blog and now I forget what the point of this post was.

On another note, I have two ginormous zucchinis that I plan on turning into muffins later, maybe, hopefully. Oh wait, I just remembered I can't since I don't have all the ingredients. - adds to grocery list.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Breastfeeding 15 months plus

I have heard of sibling rivalry. In fact, I've lived it. I have three sisters and a brother. To this day everything is a competition (of love of course) right down to who says happy birthday to someone else first.

William is all about that. He was born in 1/3 the time Amélie was. He weighed more, decided to walk around the same time, and his best accomplishment has been successful breastfeeding and going strong.

Now some of you are just appalled. Stop reading, go away and look up porn or something. Seriously. I know you think I'm kidding but your disgust at my still breastfeeding my toddler is going to get as much respect as porn is. (By the way porn doesn't get that much respect in case you are confused or something ...)

If you are still here it is because you are curious, supportive, or bored. Either one of those is totally fine by me.

For those who think : breastfeeding your 15 month old son? omg that is so much work and is going to ruin him. He'll be SO clingy. Here's the truth about that. My husband was bottle fed and he is about ten times more clingy to me than my son. Just. Saying. ;) lol.

It isn't gross to breastfeed your child. Period. World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding up to two years.

Sidenote : I had another damned link about formula but I hadn't read it yet and now I can't find it so I will add it later.

The reason this post is even coming up is because I recently was given the DIRTIEST look by some friends when I told them I had to run home to nurse my son and put him to bed.

"You're STILL breastfeeding?"

I took that to mean : What the F is wrong with you? Your son will grow up to be a loser and will never leave your house. Ever. That is disgusting and you are a freak.
My response was : Yes. (shrug)

But MAN that seriously chapped my ass (borrowing an expression from Eileen because I'm SURE I've heard her say that before.) I'm still angry and probably hurt. I shouldn't be I know. I'm really doing an awesome thing for my son. I mean should I just up and criticize THEIR choices?

"He doesn't sleep his nights??"

I took that to mean : OMG You are CRAZY. I let my kids cry to sleep from a very young age. I stopped that nonsense right away because I needed my sleep. I wasn't putting up with that bullshit. 

My response : Amélie just started sleeping her nights and she also potty trained herself completely without my assistance in any way, shape or form. In fact, my mom jokes that DESPITE me Amélie potty trained. Including night time bedwetting.

I weighed myself the other day (yesterday) and I weighed 110lbs. Wanna know what I did to lose 50 lbs? I baked cinnamon buns and homemade bread. I also cooked with lots of butter and ate lots of meat. And by lots of butter I mean I keep it stocked in my freezer and I'm going to die of a heart attack when I get older. Or diabetes. I did no exercise. Zero. Seriously I jogged up some stairs (twice) yesterday and I feel like my legs are DYING but ... I weigh 110lbs. I also breastfed and am still breastfeeding. Since I like butter so much I'm going to keep breastfeeding.

I don't give a hooty hoot hootbutt about you having to feed formula because whatever reason you had. I'm sure it's a brilliant and fact filled reason (no sarcasm. honest.) I really don't appreciate the frowny faces or the rude comments and especially the talking behind my back (or to my face in a negative way) about the fact that my son still likes breastfeeding. Grrrr. I swear to God that he will not suffer a horrendous personality disorder from breastfeeding. Has it ever occured to you that maybe it's not the breastfed babies that have the crazy personality disorder? (Omg this could be a whole other blog post)

When I say I need to go home to nurse my son to sleep, all that is required is a "See you in a few" if I'm coming back to the party or whatever, or a "Okay :) TTYL" (Happy face required) Then ... when I leave you talk about the f-ing weather. Unless you want to be supportive then you can say whatever supportive thing you have to say like. Good for you! Or you may also talk about how ridiculously hot I look because ... I know you want to. And it's okay.

I worked super hard at breastfeeding Will in the early months. Amélie quit at 5 months because I had horrid PPD. I perservered and with a super supportive husband we are still going strong. Okay mostly Corey is just super duper lazy and breastfeeding Will to sleep is easier than rocking him. So basically we are uber lazy, BUT on the upside we are doing him a HUGE favor.

Now. I didn't want to tell you this but ... I think you should know. We also let out kids sleep in our bed. WHAT?! Yup. Mostly Amélie just falls asleep there because her bed is uncomfortable or something. Whateves. We move her to her bed she's Awesome. Will comes to our bed after I get up to NURSE HIM the 2nd time or something because it's seriously easier than walking across the hall to put him back in his bed.

After typing that, I'm realizing just how lazy I've gotten. I'm worried though. If I do any physical exercise I might wither away ... hm. This is an interesting dilemma.

Oh. And I'm not looking for comments about how to wean/make my son sleep his nights. But if you have a funny/supportive comment then feel free.

Oh and one more thing. It is completely acceptable to make fun of me behind my back (and to my face) when I am CERTAIN of fact but you can prove me wrong. But seriously. That's the only time. Ever. Got it? I will ... find out. BAHAHAHAH

Why the hell am I still typing on this post? I should be sleeping. Seriously. I say that a lot. Seriously.

One last thing. I didn't post any of the many incredibly benefits of breastfeeding because I have to assume that since you know SO much about it that you can comment rudely to my face about it that you are more than aware of the incredible benefits of breastfeeding. I mean ... you wouldn't make an uneducated comment would you?!

Well, okay another thing if you seriously are just not knowing then I want you to cite your references because ... really ... they are questionable.

Omg and because I don't want the bottle feeding mamas to assassinate me in my sleep, this really has nothing to do with bottle feeding whatsoever.

Oh my god it's late. This post is now done. The end.

At this point I'm not sure this post makes any sense anymore. I'm posting it anyways. You're welcome.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Many Things

- My bread is heavy. I realize that might not make sense to many of you but it's heavy. Kneading too much? Not letting it rise long enough? Luckily, my aunt said she'd show me the trick!

- I currently have so many Scentsy bars in stock that when I have to decide what scent to put in I just go with Rootbeer float. I should have gotten more rootbeer float.

- I'm SO SO Excited for the new catalogue/fall/winter scents to come out. Just two more sleeps!! EEEEE.

- My cinnamon buns ... I tried a new recipe. Lame. I think I'll stick with the recipe that Dot gave me. I like those ones. YUM! I was going to make some today but ran out of flour and I need a trick to get the 'sauce' on the bottom to stop collecting.

- William has been waking up earlier and earlier. I am actually not pleased by this, despite his earlier bedtime. He also headbutted my head while nursing the other morning. GAH.

- Amélie hates wearing clothes. HATES it. As soon as she knows that mémère or one of her matantes are here though she races to get panties on.

- She and Will LUV their Mononcle Devon. Okay actually they basically adore all their aunts, uncles, relatives and anyone that comes over.

- Amélie's fish are still gross when the filter isn't changed and I hate having to remember to feed them but recently Amélie's 'Aladdin' (her betta) died so she got a new one and he's blue. So, blue.

- I go back to work soon and I need the money but not looking forward to it. Sigh. Once I get into a routine it'll be fine I suppose.

- Amélie decided she didn't want to wear diapers after her 3rd birthday so she stopped wearing them even at night. I'm impressed ... except now I have all these girlie pull-ups.

- I seriously need to put up my cupboard doors.

- August is 10% off month for Scentsy.

- Corey is so cute when he's nerdy.

- Going to the movie theater sucks. It's expensive, the popcorn is stale and gross, it's expensive, too loud, people bring their SUPER whiny kids to adult movies, omg it's also so expensive.

I may add to this list later. Most likely I won't though.