Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nicole Hannah Marie Linfitt

Nikki 's birth story
May 4th/2013 @11:18 am
9lbs 2ounces
23 inches long

Well ... I was going to do a detailed birth story but ... we'll see what happens.

The two nights before Nikki was born I googled acupressure and reflexology to induce labor ... just ... I did okay. Just nevermind.

On the 4th early in the morning, I felt contractions ... sorta ... then Corey left for work and at 5:30 I called him to let him know that yep they were contractions and nope I wasn't kidding. Apparently he'd just sat down for a coffee. Mom got to the house by 6:30 am and we were on our way.

The contractions were ... you know ... contractions and I'd never had 'front' contractions before so it was a little weird - very little back labor until (dramatic music)

Some old people cut Corey off in Saskatoon and I slammed head first into the side of the truck. I thought I was dead/dying/broken .... never going to survive, etc ... Amazingly enough, as I listened to Corey repeatedly ask me if I was okay in a rather panicky voice, I kept my cool and slowly assessed the damage. I didn't move for a few seconds while I waited to see if there was sharp/shooting pains or numbness anywhere ... since there wasn't I slowly backed up and moved my limbs one at a time. By this point my labor had nearly stopped. Yikes. 0_o. But I was okay.

When we got to Lisa's contractions were quite spaced but I was glad to get up and out and really assess myself. Other than a very beautiful bruise on my forehead and one just under my eye I was stunned really. I didn't feel dizzy or even have a headache and I was completely aware of every achy part ...

I got into the tub - that was already bubbling and waiting for me (oh yes) and there was soft music playing (heart beat sounds I believe) and it was very peaceful. I needed to calm down. Shortly after we got there, our sweet doula Dionne got there ... now things will come randomly as I write them down so ... sorry if it makes no sense lol.

This was Dionne's first birth so considering she had me as a birthing mama, I think she did splendid at taking direction. Ice was put on my forehead and I went into a zen zone where I sat and calmly mentally reassured baby that everything was okay and contractions could start up again. They did ... rather quickly actually.

Sometime the midwife got there, checked baby's heartbeat - wasn't right away. Baby's heartbeat was quite high ... now ... I thought someone had told her about me hitting my head but nobody did so she was concerned. I did want to get out of the tub anyways so I got out and the heartbeat came down after a little bit and stayed very steady - still a bit on the higher side but nice and steady.

Labor ... was all in the back now and because I'd hurt my neck (strained) it was unreasonably painful lol. For realz. At this point, I was SO DONE having kids - and still am ... ;) There wasn't much that could be done to alleviate this pain. I eventually asked to be checked and I was 5 cm ... I asked again later and I wanted my water broken because I was in SO MUCH crazy pants pain but she couldn't break it ... it ended up breaking on it's on. I was that far gone which ... I should have realized.

I even labored on my back for a bit - it felt ... pretty awesome actually. I'm thinking baby was maneuvering at this point because then I suddenly wanted to be up (and done) so I got up and labored with the birthing ball. I didn't get the SUDDEN urge to push like William, in fact ... I kind of tried to push a time or two and the 2nd time it just kind of suddenly was like oohhhhh you want the baby ooouuuttt ... and my body caught on.

Baby decided to come out with her 'adorable' hands close to her face so as she was coming out - she did so incredibly slowly. There was a point I thought her shoulders were coming out ... but ... nope ... it was just the crowning of her head. Then there was another point like that and nope just her forehead (like seriously). My amazing team coached me through so perfectly that she came out nice and slow with no explosive perineum or anything lol. PHEW. It gave a whole knew meaning to 'blow it out' and 'don't push'. Like seriously. Best coaching ever.

Finally, when the midwife could see her hands she realized the baby wasn't stuck - oh ps she totally wasn't stuck but nobody bothered to ask me and I was facing the wrong way to really know that anyone was applying gentle pressure to my baby.

Then at 11:18 am Nikki made her grande appearance to a rather stunned (and somewhat emotional) room of women - oh and Corey was there. I felt great actually and turned around and snapped my baby right out of the midwife's hands lol. I was pretty energized, checking her out, totally in the zone.

Once the cord stopped pulsing I allowed them to cut the cord and we snuggled and I was all happy and then I let them weigh her and she was 9lbs 2 ounces .. I MAY have been the only one not surprised in the room. I did tell everyone she would likely be 9lbs ... so I'm just sayin' ...

It was pretty awesome and also - I'm done with having babies. Like WHO DOES THAT so many times???

I need a chiropractor ... and a massage ... and so does Nikki.

PS What ... afterbirth pains ... I think people need to be more serious about warning other moms about that ... as I crawled to the bathroom certain I was dying on day 3 and phoning my midwife and having her manage not to laugh but to reassure me all was well.

So. done.

If you want other details/more details placenta details ... how I almost got into a major fight with the midwives about the management of my placenta ... yeah you'll have to message me lol. ;) Or I might get another post up on another night when Nikki goes to bed like a good girl.