Thursday, March 8, 2012

Was gonna ...

... do a lot of things the past couple months.

I WAS blogging, honest, but I didn't post them. They weren't crazy or totally wacko or ranty ... I just was waiting and now they don't really need to be there so it just looks like I've neglected my blog for over two months. AWKWARD ....

Also ... I've been debating starting a new blog and not giving it out. I think I've decided to just continue this one and not post my blog to facebook, which means if you are reading this it is because you sought it out or you accidently googled something and got stuck here.

I'm going to post whatever I want whenever I want and that's just the way it'll be. I will, however, try to keep things about mostly me, myself and probably my husband and kids and friends that I know don't mind me blogging a hilarious story about them.

Another thing that I've randomly decided is to just be excited when good things happen because ... HOLY HANNAH do they ever slip away fast :(. I usually have something amazingly great happen (!) and then I just stay quiet and wait for the other shoe to drop. It makes it very sad around our place sometimes - all that caution and tiptoeing ... Hell ... I should just ENJOY when something amazing happens ... like my car getting fixed!!! AMAZING!!!!

Here is a list of great things that have happened lately :

1. Car is getting fixed for a fraction of the price we got quoted.
2. Got a new truck (this actually isn't a great thing but Corey would be all annoyed if I didn't put it here)
3. I'm working FULL-TIME as a preschool teacher - there is so much irony here really (I think it's irony ... it might be another word but I'll have to google it another day)
4. My friends/neighbors are all having babies
5. I'm going to look so HAWT in my bridesmaid dress.
6. I'm having a good time with Scentsy.
7. Amélie danced in front of people other than me and didn't pull a tantrum (this remains to be confirmed on recital day since she missed rehearsal because of being a sicky)
8. I just got EXTRA prep time hours (okay 30 minutes a day)
9. My kids are so freakin' silly that even though they don't look like me they sure have my sense of humour - poor society.
10. I'm in a play - not sure it's a great thing but I'm enjoying it. :)