Monday, June 13, 2011


I need to get my hair done. SIGH. I hate getting my hair done. I wish I hadn't cut it :( I'm now uber regretting cutting my hair. I can't put it up into a semi-cool ponytail, instead it's the little ... baby ponytail. (pout) Also, because I colored it ... I have the roots to now deal with. It's been STRONGLY suggested I do highlights next time because they will 'age' better.

Why color my hair? Well ... I've entered the phase of ... the greys. WHAT?! I know. I'm only 28 and I have white/grey hair. Drives me a little crazy.

Sidenote : I like to compare going to the hairdresser with going to the dentist. They always tsk at the condition my hair is in. Yeesh. I wash it honestly!!!

I would like to go blond, but ... I really don't think I'm a blond girl (HAHAHAHA) but really I'm not. I'm a brunette. I miss my long hair. When it grows out I'm going to baby it. I mean not SUPER long, but definitely longer. I love my facebook profile picture. I was even having a bad hair day and it turned out SUPER nice. THANK goodness.

On another tangent ... I should book our family pictures for the fall ... or maybe some summer ones ... I don't know. When IS The best time for family pictures anyways??

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why Barney is awesome ...

Everyone always makes fun of Barney. Me included. But after a friend of mine (Jacqueline D) told me how much her daughter loves it (and of COURSE I told her it was SO dumb) I caved and let my kids watch it. They .... LOVE him.

This is why I like him too :

1. He sings songs. Good songs. That make sense and are about something. Not stupid things like that Four Squares girl that does the poems. Wtf is up with those stupid poems???

2. Many of the songs are brought back in many of the episodes so it's not just one episode for that song. Amélie LOVES the fact that she now knows a few songs that are in many of the episodes and is proud she can sing along.

3. William just likes watching and when Amélie dances so does he. He LOVES dancing and rocking out. He's even started clapping along with many of the songs.

4. For being a huge dinosaur puppet thing ... Barney is really flexible and spry. He runs around everywhere frig.

5. He teaches kids to use their imagination and I've noticed a MAJOR change in Amélie in using her imagination. I means he used it before but now she doesn't need something to BE something (ie a doll, she'll take a pop bottle and pretend it's a doll now)

6. Okay seriously, the kids are hilarious in their acting but I've seen a million times worse. Like those kids on that freaky yoga show with the creepy little floating creepy ... things ...

7. There are more I'm sure but .... basically don't diss Barney because he's my new pal. The music is the bomb and I'm super happy I can buy his CDs and get away with saying 'I have kids'

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kids Check-ups

Because life in the prairies isn't boring enough, I thought I would update you on my kids health check-up.

So they had a health check-up. The end. Just kidding, you don't get off that easy.

Amélie - 35lbs, and I can't remember how tall, but ... on the tall side.
William - 21-22 lbs, 29 inches tall.

Both are 100% healthy ... well except for our sinus congestion of course.

The biggest concern anyone has ever had about my kids (mostly my mom and I suppose a few co-workers and other people who thought their concern in their head) has been the dark circles under our eyes. Just so you can now all rest easy ... it's allergies. We live in a very old, poorly made house with poor air, lots of dust/molds etc ... WE aren't overtired, or lacking ANYTHING, just horrible allergies. This will not go away until we build a new house, so ... you know ... that's that.

Also, for all you parents who brag that their kid sleeps 10-12 hours a night, if you are giving him/her a bottle in the middle of the night that is NOT considered sleeping through the night. Just saying ... So my kids do not sleep their nights ... and it's normal so ... I could go all crazy and blast out against all those critics with the sleep thing but ... I'm too lazy today. LUCKY FOR YOU!!! lol.

Also, I mentally prepared myself to have a discussion about immunizations with my doctor. I was pleasantly surprised when I mentioned my concerns to hear that he had very similar concerns. (sigh of relief) Although I have more research to do I was SO glad to hear I was on the right track, there's nothing worse than having to find a new doctor when you already have a hot one .... good one that is.

Anyways I've lost my train of thought ... Barney's on tv so ... (shrug) I might come back with more  but ... probably not haha. Sigh.