Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Red

I have never been to Little Red.

It's pretty cool.

Barbie helmets are pretty awesome.

Kids think sand is the problem for everything.

I'm pretty sure the teacher today was secretly a biker at the Olympics because she knew more about bikes than I know about - anything. She also kicked our butts at biking but I kicked the kids butts - Barbie helmet included.

I want to kick the girl teacher's butt because of how in shape she is - but not really because I'm pretty sure I would lose (terribly).

Little Red is really nice and has some neat trails.

I would probably get lost.

I'm almost positive we biked another 15-20kms today.

I thought this was a hiking trip. It wasn't.

Thank God for the Barbie helmet.

I got to drive the male teacher's truck back. It drives nice.

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