Saturday, October 29, 2011


I've lost my 2nd USB. Actually, this is probably my 3rd or 4th USB that has bit the dust. Each time was more traumatic as I lost more stuff. My life is on my USB - not physically - like TRON.

This time, I made the effort of removing the USB from the laptop and setting it, on top. Usually, this is fine. No one bothers it. This time, of course, William took it. Or a ghost. Amélie has no interest whatsoever in my USB and if I ask her where it is she can  usually tell me. This time she happily exclaimed YES! And went to the spot I last left it. We were both perplexed.

This is like a slow panic.  I'm between - crazy-panic-my-life-is-ruined and no-big-deal-I'll-find-it-in-a-minute-I'm-sure. I am still hoping that Will didn't flush it. I know he didn't eat it because I would have seen him do that for sure! He has a tendency to randomly grab things very casually and place them in strange places. I cleaned my house, washed my floors, did my dishes, turned my living room upside down, then right side up again (since it's small and I  might have missed it the first two times).

I already know how I'm going to avoid the crazy panic next time. I'm going to download my USB onto my PC and let Carbonite back it up for me once a week or whenever I update a big project or something. That way. I know I have a somewhat recent copy of my things.

Sigh. I'm majorly disappointed that I can't find it. I keep thinking I'm just missing it though.

So. For Christmas I would like at least 3 USB's of 8 GB. Or 6 USB's of 4 GB.

I'm so sad. I miss my USB and all the wonderful Excel spreadsheets that I made and stored on it. :(

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