Saturday, December 31, 2011

Scentsy Buddy Donations!

I've teamed up with a fellow consultant to try and get as many Scentsy Buddies as possible to donate to the Prince Albert Victoria Hospital's Pediatric Ward.

Anyone with kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids knows that a stay in the hospital for ANY amount of time is traumatizing for most kids, especially those who end up staying a wee bit longer than expected. Scentsy Buddies are stuffed animals with a little zippered pocket in the back where a scent pak can be inserted. The Buddy also comes with a code that unlocks an online world of playtime!!!

Check it out here : Scentsy Buddy Website!!

The Victoria Hospital IS a Scenty Free environment but we have plans to help if the Buddies can't have their paks. We will either substitute the paks for toys that will fit in the zippered pocket or ziplock the paks to try and contain the scent. We'll know more once we get a hold of the person in charge of donations - after the New Year. :)

Between January 1st 2012 and June 1st 2012 we will accept any donations towards a Buddy or you can purchase a buddy to be donated. Each Buddy will have a necklace with the donor(s) name on it so each family will know where their child's special pal came from.

We need YOUR help to ensure as many children as possible get to experience the joy a Scentsy Buddy has to offer!!

To donate or get more information about how to help you can contact myself, Corinne, at (306)-981-2064 or by email : or my partner - Caitlin at (306) 981-4486.
Stay tuned to see how well we do!! :)

EDIT : If you purchase/donate towards Sasha the Bear then you are actually helping TWO kids. One at the Victoria Hospital and Scentsy donates 100% of ALL proceeds from this bear to Ronald McDonald House Charities! This bear is a little more expensive and is only available until February 28th/2012. 

New Year's Eve

Eeek. I need a resolution. This is always hard for me and I always fail it. Grrr. I think I'll postpone my resolution until January.

I hate going out too but my husband loves it. I just want to be with my little family. I've always been that way actually. Right after midnight I want to crawl into bed and get some sleep. We all know who's going to be getting up with the kids in the morning and it sure as hell won't be HIM.

I have some ideas for my new 'list'. My 101 in 1001 lists was okay but I think I'm going to do a new list. Not sure what it'll be called but I've been inspired by Pinterest. I already reorganized my living room to have better access to my Scentsy stuff and to my scrapbooking stuff. Hopefully I can get going on both things in a better way.

Also have a wedding in 2012. Excited for that! Especially since the dress I ordered was a size 0!! HAHA. Brilliant. Of course it was less amusing when the girl on the phone was like 'are you SURE you're measuring the right part of your bust?'. 0_o. I was sure.

Well ... I'll work on the list later, right now I want to rest up for tonight. HAHAHAHA yeah right. My husband is sleeping which means I will be in a FANTASTIC mood later - not. Fun right!!!???

Monday, December 26, 2011

Next Christmas

I'm already planning for next Christmas. Crazy? Perhaps. Smart? Probably.

The family is just getting bigger - and by family, I mean nephews, nieces, etc ...

They are also getting older - and also harder to shop for.

I want to be prepared next year and I have a really great idea. Thank you Pinterest - well thank you once you invite me that is.

So many things happened during this last month, and I meant to blog so many times but I was SO tired and got lazy. :/. Now I'm off for a couple weeks and although I have a lot to do in the house, I can relax a little bit.

What age do you stop buying gifts for nieces and nephews? Do you buy gifts for all your nieces and nephews? We have four nieces and 1 nephew, PLUS we are close to our neighbors so that adds three more 'nieces'. That's 8 kids, plus our own, plus my kid sister who's my goddaughter. My husband's side is not going to grow anymore (other than what we add) but my side is really just starting. Sigh. I don't know where to draw the line ... of course, with my BRILLIANT idea ... maybe none of this will matter!!!

Let's hope it works. :) Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DANGER! I'm walking here.

I fell off a chair and ran into a wall today. Not simultaneously.

I was talking to a teacher, let's call her Natalie (that may or may not be her real name) and then I fell off the chair. I have NO IDEA how she kept her composure as I picked my ass off the floor, rubbing my elbow. I would have laughed my ass off. I would have. I probably would have cried from laughing so hard because I fell in a really stupid and embarrassing way.

She reassured me by saying the kids do it all the time. Maybe she's immune to people falling on the floor.

Anyways, my elbow hurts.

Then I was talking to another teacher - let's call this one Jacquie - and I was also walking and I turned just as the wall appeared. I nearly broke my nose. She did not contain her laughter and laughed her ass off. Thanks Jacquie. Thanks. ;)

Luckily, when I went up the stairs I took my time and did what needed to be done. I needed to talk to my boss later but took one look at the garland/string of lights taped to the floor in his entryway and decided to email him instead. I didn't feel like going to emergency and explaining why I had cut my lip on his desk while walking into his office. :/

Monday, December 5, 2011


We gather here today to bid farewell to a strong, silent USB.

I left the laptop next to the couch, on a container, and while I was taking a pregnancy test because my period was 30 seconds late, William pulled it down and it landed on the USB. Again.

The test was negative. I actually got my period while taking the test. That was awkward but a relief. What? TMI? Why the hell are you still reading? Because you're bored and want to know how I feel about my USB. Or my period. I'm not judging.

Luckily, this time, I had saved my USB to my laptop to make room for pictures. Although the back-up was accidental it was a welcome relief that's for sure. So now, I need a new USB. Again. Corey blames me but really I'm sure it's his fault.

The pictures are also backed up on the laptop.