Friday, July 15, 2016

Training Sugar

Some things I learned about my first day getting back to working with the horses.

I need more supplies than a lead shank, pink whip and a dog brush that I found outside, and I should also bring all supplies at the same time to save from going back and forth.

I also learned that even though my horses haven't been worked in YEARS, they are still in better shape than I am.

We need to do something about the quicksand mud hole in front of the horse shelter. ASAP so I don't drown there.

It's really hard to get on a horse without a saddle ... or bridle, or halter .... a rock would have helped.

It was really rewarding when I was able to lead her out of the round pen and to the field, in the MIDDLE and she didn't leave until I pat her neck and told her to go.

I'm 100% sure she will NEVER do that again hahahaha!!