Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pregnancy Week who the hell knows ....

It's so not important. It might be if I wasn't sure about my dates or I was ginormica I suppose, or if there was a problem I guess ... but since the ultrasound especially - I have lost track. I know I should be between 22 weeks and 24 weeks or ... whatever. When people ask how far along I am I shrug and quickly calculate backwards from my due date and throw out a 'I have about 4 months left' answer. I will figure out my weeks in the New Year just so I can update my picture because I suddenly have this belly. It's not twins. I'm pretty sure most of it is cookies because it's not like baby is kicking any higher.

I also haven't seen my midwife in a while ... since my first appointment. WHOA. Stop panicking bahahaha! Seriously people - is there no person responsible for their own health anymore? ;) This is my third pregnancy and we had made a bunch of decisions right at that first appointment. Decisions such as : Ultrasound date and when to follow up if there was concerns, checking blood pressure, and checking in with problems. I did check in at the end of November - ish with headaches but those are long gone after some chiro and massage. Then I checked in after my ultrasound but there were no concerns so I booked for the end of January.

Don't I need to be weighed and measured? Why? I'm not gaining excessively - okay I'm gaining faster than my first two but give me a break. I'm pretty sure my body is just adding extra layers because it's so cold. There is no swelling or high blood pressure so far and the ultrasound gave me the exact day I had predicted so .... why measure?

Don't I want to hear the heartbeat? Well ... at first it's always the most important thing I need to hear but then I realized something as time went on. What would I do about it anyways? No really though ... if there is no heartbeat ... it's already too late to do anything! Now that I've felt movement or movement that I could say for sure was baby (at 16.5 weeks or 16 weeks - just like with my other two) I can tell what baby is up to.

Aren't I worried about baby's health? Of course! That's why I eat healthy, stay away from the unhealthy stuff, get some excercise and keep my stress down. Okay well I do the best I can haha. I am more than aware how quickly things change when it comes to babies and since I'm not the all knowledgeable midwife I'll be checking in the New Year and more regularly after that.

For those who are dying to know though : At Christmas I weighed 130 lbs. Although this is a lot for me to have put on in a short period of time I understand and accept your hatred because you may already be more than that and not pregnant. ;) The problem for me will be later if I continue to gain so quickly - my knees and body will be more tired and sore. I put on 50 lbs for my past two pregnancies but most of the weight gain was in the last 2 months. If I gain like I usual do near the end, I'll be over 150 but like I will point out to anyone who asks, I'll lose all if not most of it.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Welcome to our planet ...

Christmas Eve mass is tradition in my family. We do a reviellon and it's fun and there's cards and food and laughing and mass.

This year, we let all the boys behind and went to mass at 8:30. I disprove of this 8:30 crap because it's called MIDNIGHT mass but ... I digress.

Amelie was a little excited, but I knew she would be bored and I didn't really care. I mean really, I just didn't. I left Will at home because I didn't have the energy to chase him down the aisle or pin him down on the bench. Plus I knew he would fall asleep better if we all left.

Mass started and Amelie and Avery distracted us from listening to anything.

I'm not actually fond of mass in the first place but that's ... that's another digression so ...

There was people sitting in front of us, two young boys, some friends of ours actually. S brought Amelie and Avery some coloring pages and colors and that distracted them for a bit. I actually had a chance to pay attention to the priest - almost.

Amelie begins to ask me about something. I can't remember the flow of conversation but it came down to me talking about Jesus' birthday and that he wasn't alive anymore so we could eat his cake and there's his statue up on the cross.

Suddenly, Amelie is sitting next to me holding up a paper she had colored. I mean over her head way up high kind of holding it up. I look over at her curiously.

"What are you doing?"
"I'm showing Jesus the picture I colored for him. Can he see it?"
"Uh ... yes, sort of, probably I suppose."
"Does he like it?"
"For sure."
"Is he up in the sky?"

Then it was time to exchange the sign of the peace ....
This is what I hear :

Someone : "Paix du Christ."
Someone : "Paix du Christ"
Amelie : "Welcome to our planet."
S : "It means Peace be with you."
Amelie : Oh.

At the end of church Amelie begins to get ready and we tell her that we'll go to memere's and play some cards and have fun.

Amelie : How will we get there? In a spaceship? Is everyone coming? All these people? Will they all fit? Will Jesus come to our planet? In a spaceship? Is there cake? Can I have some? How will he get down from the sky?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ultrasound! It's a ..........

We did find out.

Well ... it just happened that way - that and our ultrasound technician really wanted to tell us like ... puppy dog eyes. I SWEARZ! 

The baby is doing great and the placenta is in a good spot. To me, this is important. It should be important to everyone but it's mostly something that doesn't really come to mind when you think ultrasound.

I won't be having another ultrasound, nor will I subject my baby to a 3D ultrasound. Seriously. It looks healthy and adorable and .... fetus-y. As I scanned for abnormalities with my untrained professional eye (haha) I noticed the little hands up over the eyes and I thought adorable - but okay now done because obviously baby does not like the ultrasound. Luckily, we were done.

William didn't either and had curled up into a ball making it impossible for them to finish the ultrasound on his. I didn't subject him to another one either.

Official 'due date' according to ultrasound is May 1st, which actually is what I said it would be. Corey picked May 3rd. Amélie was predicted May 5th at her ultrasound (born May 5th) and William was predicted April 30th (born May 2nd). It's kind of interesting to see if we will have a May baby ... OR a rebelious APRIL baby. Bahahahaha!!!

Also - so glad we waited a little and put some room between BL3 and William because ... well ... William is William. ;)

Monday, December 10, 2012

20 weeks - and my phone

20 weeks

20 weeks ... or whatever. Close enough - seriously.

I can't believe I'm already half way done. The first few weeks were the - worst. The. Worst. I'm quite happy to say that I'm, so far, headache free and nausea free. PHEW! How did I do it? Lots of complaining ... lots ... and also a chiropractor and the final touch to get rid of those little nagging neck pains - massage therapist.

Oh yes, I will be seeing them both again because it's not completely done with I'm sure.

I think it's a girl, undecided whether we'll find out or not. Probably not but you never know what will spark me in the moment at the ultrasound. I was right with the first two but that doesn't mean this one will be true to my mama instincts, after all it's already a pain in my neck. No really, my neck is sore and now my butt is sore from the massage therapist ...

The baby moves a lot, kind of in one 'general area' like ...  you know in my uterus. It pretty much stays in my uterus. Yeah ... pretty much.

With two other kids to chase around, I guess time is passing quicker and easier, especially now that I'm feeling better and time doesn't seem to be dragging by.

I don't have anything else insightful to tell you whatsoever, because also with the 3rd baby come the sporadic appointments that I still have no idea how much I weigh. All I can confirm is I have some really awesome blood pressure like ... I'm the calmest person out there (don't let anyone tell you otherwise). I might have more info on Thursday - or whenever that appointment is. Is it maybe Friday? Or ... Wednesday?

Also - I fixed my OWN PHONE. I brought it to the sasktel people and they were all 'I don't know what's wrong with it'. No lie!!! She barely looked at it. So I asked her if she could just call them and ask them how much it would cost to fix before sending my phone away etc ... and she had no price for me so I said no and took it home. They are going to call tomorrow and Corey will be all - sorry she totally fixed it herself. Turns out ... it was the stupid screen protector - the corner had curled up over the sensor LOL. Now I need a new screen protector though - no one is allowed to breath on my phone until it's protected again.

My phone paragraph is the most exciting thing in this post, because HELLO I fixed my own phone. Thank you ... Mr. Google.