Monday, April 23, 2018

The right people

I deal with anxiety.

Not so much anxiety about situations per sey, mostly health anxiety but I also get self-doubt about parenting. I don't know a lot of parents who don't.

This last year especially, but the year before as well, I've been really blessed by the right people. Whenever I thought I was getting sucked under my overwhelming despair about whatever phase my children were going through, I had support, from the kids teachers and the principal. I could have hugged them. From the parent teacher interviews to being called about incidents or whatever I always left or finished the conversation by being told my kids are good kids and are always making progress and really felt 'in charge'. Even with more recent events and being unable to do much because of surgery I still was able to stay calm and reassured that my children were being supported and loved at school. I knew their strong points were being supported and weaknesses worked on.

Amelie's singing teacher has also been another blessing. Her patience and joy for life and complete understanding of everything we were going through and her generosity with her time and love were appreciated. When she learned I used to play the piano and missed it, she sent home a keyboard for me to play with and we are all upset she is moving away. She will be sorely missed by all of us.

All our friends and family who helped in some way with our renovations - which are mostly complete now - were also there supporting and lending a hand, or tool, whenever necessary. As we neared a deadline and a looming surgery we squeaked under the wire with a complete renovation.

Even my own family and friends who came after my surgery to babysit me ... my kids ... clean my house or even my fridge and remind me to take it easy. Even those who came and slept over and put my kids to bed when I could barely get my own butt in bed. So much love.

I hope that I can spread this love and patience and understanding to others. People have made sacrifices for me in some way whether it be with their time or patience or understanding or compassion, and I have never considered myself that type of person to anyone who wasn't under the age of 5 ;) but when you see and are the recipient of that kind of treatment, it's much easier to repeat it to others!

There's not really a way to say how deeply touched and affected I have been with all this love.

All my love and gratitude guys! YOU made a difference to me, which affected the way I parented and treated others. In a good way.