Sunday, September 7, 2014


Lately, my newsfeed has been bombarded with pro-life, anti-abortion type posts, from lots of people. Even family members. Normally, since my pro/anti vaccine post in January, I just close/remove these things but ... they have been bothering me.

Has anyone posting this ever considered what a law like this could mean for women? I mean truly considered what this could mean ... you are forcing a woman to do something with her body that she has not given consent for. Really think about that. Really, truly think about it. I didn't really think about it and just kind of let the activists do their thing, but then ... it hit me.

It makes me sick. It doesn't make me feel good to know what abortion is or how it works or any of that, but worse ... the idea that my rights are being taken away. It may start with the right to abort and access to birth control. It may progress to my right on how I give birth (which is already a huge fight), it may progress to whether or not I vaccinate, circumcise, homeschool, playdate, eat organic ... am I getting all crazy? I don't think so. All these things directly affect our children, their long term health and there are pros and cons to each and there are also tons of doctors/researchers to support each side. Forget what a celebrity says, I've never taken advice from a celebrity, not even Dr. Oz. I research all my choices and then agonize over it forever LOL.

Some women choose to abort because the pregnancy was unplanned and another pregnancy would be too dangerous and might leave her children with no mom. Why is it not okay for women to make conscious decisions about their body?The thought of aborting a life is a sad one, but one that women make because it truly is the best decision for them. How can any of us tell them what is the best decision for them or their child? Ever.

We can't.

We should protect the innocent?! Agreed! How about those that were born and abandoned? Maybe start there instead? There are so many children in the world that need loving and caring arms that ... maybe instead of glaring and forcing women into doing something they don't consent to ... we should just focus on giving an extra set of hands to those who chose to have children and are overwhelmed with the responsibility. What happened to kindness and compassion? When did they get less important than judgement and laws?

I don't want my kids to grow up thinking that they know what's best for others. The further along they get in school the more I realize what truly is important to me and what God's plan for me is. To raise children who love, are compassionate, care about the planet and environment and are gentle. I want them to look over at others to make sure their neighbor has enough.

It's hard to draw the line when it comes to laws, I know. I know what the pro-life people are pushing but I just can't agree with laws that go against a woman's right to her own body. IF we make that law, then shouldn't there be other laws that forbid us to make decisions about our children? Circumcision is a decision that parents choose shortly after birth, it affects the boys forever. (In some countries they do something similar to girls). Of course there are many examples but ... I digress.

So ... to you, I say, as long as you aren't trying to hurt my family or my children, carry on. Love. Live. Be compassionate ... or not.

Besides, maybe we can focus on laws against drunk drivers instead, or ways to keep pedophiles/sexual predators behind bars? Or how about ways to help mamas who want to stay home and raise their babies?! Yeah. Sounds way awesome.