Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Play

            “I need your help writing a play.” That’s what my mom said. The first thing I thought was – crap. I hate writing plays. Then I thought, I’ve never even written a play. Then … I thought – can we put Star Trek into it?

            “So this is my idea.” My mom began to tell me of her character which I thought reminded me of someone. Mom. Then she started talking about the weird shows she watches but I was already thinking about the character.

            “Okay.” I said, interrupting her thoughts. She frowned but began to set the scene. Once she’d put enough information down she looked at me expectantly.

            “So what kind of scene should I have?” Then she began to describe her idea. I cut it down in my usual gentle way.


            She frowned again.

            “It should be like this.” Enter idea. She wasn’t really buying it, “Fine. But then this should happen.” She bought that.

 We started laughing and I started to enjoy the idea of writing this play. We have a similar sense of humor, which helps. There’s nothing worse than saying something you think is fricken hilarious and being met with silence. Or crickets. Oh my God I get annoyed by crickets. And I hate grasshoppers. OMG now I’m thinking of grasshoppers.

And NOW I’m super annoyed at my Microsoft Word for constantly TABBING every time I start a new paragraph! STOP thinking for yourself WORD! I’ll do the thinking around here!

Back to the play : I’ve been perusing the idea for a while. It has to be written in French though. I think I’ll try to jot some stuff down. Er. Type. I don’t jot anything. It takes too long. Although … it doesn’t RANDOMLY tab things. Or randomly make lists!!

            Speaking of lists, I need to get groceries. Well that puts an end to this blog post ... which was only partially about the play. Oh well. 

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