Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lemon Lavender

I mourned the loss of Spiced Grapefruit in the Scentsy scent bar department. I was truly sad (insert extremely depressing looking face here).

Recently they had this event called Bring back my bar!! I voted like a crazy lady for Spiced Grapefruit (and bubblegum and rootbeer float).

Something hilarious I just realized : For the past month (at least) I've been spelling rootbeer ... like this rootbear. Ha.

Spiced Grapefruit didn't win, nor did bubblegum, but rootbeer float did. Yay!

This post isn't about rootbeer float.

It's about lemon lavender. I cleaned my house and was tired of vanilla cream (Corey's #1 pick) and I decided to try lemon lavender. OMG! I wish I could have called my mom and invited her to my house! It's even BETTER than spiced grapefruit. It smells like I freakin' did spring AND summer cleaning. So. Amazing. And without the devastating side effect of toxic fumes from cleaning chemicals. Super bonus.

Sidenote : I did clean my house but still ... I used a swiffer to wash  my floors. It sure don't smell like lemon and lavender.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Play Dates

I haven't been on a play date with my kids in a long while.

I feel guilty.

There are quite a few people that I would love to go visit! My kids make it difficult for me to sit down and relax. Although these people are cool, relaxed and have a similar sense of humour to mine, I just can't relax when I have to chase my 14 month old son around.

In my own house, I know where all the dangers are. I know what direction he can safely go and I know what he won't touch and how he'll react when I scold him. When I bring him other places, there are an infinite amount of things for him to get into. Although their children are similar ages, their children don't react the same way as Will does. Will is everywhere at the same time. Literally I need to follow him around at other people's houses or else he will destroy something or hurt himself.

I'm not saying he's violent (although witness a tantrum you might think otherwise), I'm saying he's just learned what's okay to play with at home and what's not okay. He can go in the fridge and get himself a fruit and he knows that's okay. He can climb on the couch and sit down but he's just learning not to jump on it. Our house is small and with just one move I can see him almost anywhere unless he's in a bedroom. If I shut all the doors in the house, he can't go anywhere I can't see him, but he can still explore and learn things on his own. All my friends have nicer houses haha.

I get super stressed when I can't see him. Maybe I'm just paranoid, or maybe I'm just aware of what trouble my kid can get into. It makes play dates really stressful for me. So those of you who wanted play dates with me ... bear with me. Maybe I should invest in a leash ...........


At the end of June, something incredibly traumatic happened to me. My son pulled my lap top down while I was working on it and it fell and snapped my USB. My life flashed before my eyes. So did his. Luckily, we both survived.

After absolutely freaking out (insert a panic scream here) I went into save mode and decided to try and save as much as possible. The only thing I managed to save ... was a story I was playing around with in the background. A Star Trek story that has absolutely the least amount of meaning in my life. Of all the things I managed to save it was that story. Thank God.

I'm truly devastated. I called my sister and prayed she had a solution, or that her boyfriend did. They didn't and offered their condolences.

Insert : OMG and to add salt to my wound, I already typed this post and when I went to post it I was greeted with this message 'Error while saving'. So now it's two weeks later and I'm retyping it.

I lost all my information. Well now that it's two weeks later I can really look at the situation with a closer and less panicky eye. I had everything on that USB. Over 50 super awesome fanfictions, all my work from work (VALOIS) and all my Scentsy, as well as other random things. So, I had to redo a lot of it.

Scentsy : Most of it was originally on my PC so I was able to email it to myself and reopen it and save it to my laptop desktop until I get another USB. I had to update it dramatically, but I did my best.

Valois : Well, most of my work had been printed so I have at least those copies ... grrr.

Stories : AGH! Well actually they are all on my PC as well, except for the newer ones so nothing updated anyways. Super disappointing but ... not the end of the world I suppose.

I'm still really pissed about it.


Super lame lollyblogger here

Shame on me.

Haven't posted in nearly a month. I would like to say I've been super busy, and I have, but really I'm sure I could have found a moment or two to blog about something. So here's a quick update.

* No foal. The mare either gave birth premature or was super obese and thinned out when she got on greener grass (no that doesn't make sense to me either).

*Will has started to talk, sort of, recently said mémère (after mom drilled it into his head) and pépère (not much prompting) says daddy, there, There it is, bye.

*Amélie decided she didn't want to wear pull-ups anymore so she goes to bed in panties and usually has a dry bed.

*Call of Duty Black Ops has taken priority over posting blog posts.

*Scentsy made my basement smell nice. Mmmmmm.

*I hate mosquitoes a lot.

*I need a bread recipe that makes bread nice and light.

*I REALLY despise those people who post comments on blog posts and aren't helpful at all. :/ I totally do it too but I'm just sayin'

*My friend Jyl has funny facebook statuses and blog posts.

*Amélie likes to repeat everything I say no matter how annoying it is.

*I hate dentists.

Well, that's all for now. :)