Friday, April 22, 2011

My first massage - Ever

.... might be my last. Just kidding.

Interesting fact : massages hurt.

Just call me Wimpy McWimpster. Alright, when I gave in to getting a massage by a RMT I was in dire need. Seriously getting stress headaches and some major tense shoulders plus lots of work at the computer. Onward.

I wore my cutest liquidation world panties (grey with the tag printed on the wrong side) and they are now too big and I don't own any (for some weirdo reason) that actually fit. The massage therapist didn't care (I don't think).

Despite the fact that I feel like I did some strenuous exercise for hours (which I did not) the massage felt really good. I was surprised to realize just how tense my back and shoulders are. She informed me that she barely did a third of what could have been done and although I walked out of there thinking 'I'm super cool, no problem', I later woke up thinking 'WHY!? WHY?! Isn't she my FRIEND?!' and later that next day I decided to sub for three gym classes. Then I basically watched tv for two days while I tried to recover.

The massage itself felt wonderful, except for the part where she would ask 'does this hurt?' and if it did hurt at that time then obviously that part wasn't pleasant. A couple times, I thought I would come right off the table at the resistance in my back and other times I may have fallen asleep and missed part of the conversation. She must be used to it though because she never mentioned my complete lapses.

Finally, I have decided that I like massages. But ... spaced ... out ... I think. If this post isn't vague enough for you wait until I talk about Reiki. ;) Or is it Reikki? No that doesn't look right. I'll google it later and correct it maybe.


Your massage therapist said...

Massages aren't supposed to always be painful but that's the difference between relaxation massage or therapeutic massage. I'm so determined to fix the problems..;) by the way...i'm pretty sure I own the same panties:) LOL

Your Reiki-ologist said...

I'll have you convinced after a couple treatments:)

Your fashion adviser said...

Grey, oversized, backward panties are the new "it"

val said...

drink lots of water after it flushes away toxins and makes it feel better

Corinne Linfitt said...

I'm pretty sure I was just being a bit of a wimp. Corey told me to drink lots of water too, next time I'll get on it right away lol.

I'm going to invest in some new panties also. ;)