Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Back to work.

It wasn't that bad. Actually, my boss was very cool and easy going about my immediate need for extreme flexibility. In return I work very hard when I'm there and am getting a lot done.

And, of course, being my mother's daughter and not being able to only have one job, I saw an opportunity and jumped at it. I applied for a short term job with Census Canada. Going back part-time is cutting into my funds and I won't be able to collect EI so I needed to supplement.

So far, Will has been great. The first day was a little tough but I was only gone for about 6 hours total. Now I pump after lunch and have been getting less and less every time so my body is adjusting. Will still nurses in the morning and all night.

In other fun things, I've been doing great with Scentsy. I'm SO enjoying it!! So far a lot of basket parties, only one home party, but the basket parties are neat too :) They involve someone taking my supplies and visiting their friends. It is less work for me, but then I don't get to practice giving my little spiel haha. Alright, I'll admit, it's still fun!! I'm looking forward to doing more parties basket AND home parties that is.

What else is there to catch up on? I need to get my hair dyed again. Badly. Yuck. Haha. When people notice my grey hairs (and I'm only 28 yrs old) I think it's safe to say it's time to start dying my hair regularly Bahahaha!

Oh yes, and one more thing, we will be having a big Linfitt Birthday bash on May 7th. Since Will's 1st birthday is May 2nd, Amélie's birthday is May 5th and mine is May 9th (my official 28th birthday) and mother's day is in the middle, we will just have on party.
That's all for now!!

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