Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A few days ago, Amélie and I went outside and the horses were down in our lower corrals. Woot. A great chance to check up on them without having to track through the back pasture. I stroll down, Amélie zig zagging behind me and we start petting, naming, claiming horses. (finders keepers you know) I move us into a lower separating pen and notice a couple of leaner horses. As I'm perusing them, making estimations about the feed I can see and the amount of bales I might need, I notice one horse is definitely not starving. I blink in surprise and peer closer.

She's pregnant. FOR SURE! Or absurdly fat despite the rest of the herd being on the lean side. I think to myself, oh I must be mistaken about which horse it is, so I scan the others and quickly decide, nope, the other ones that are fat no matter what are over there. BAH! What the hell?!

I run and get my camera and take a picture of said horse and examine it. Then to confirm my suspicions I bring the picture to Easter to get GROUP confirmation. Yup, we all agree. She's pregnant. My mom jokes it was immaculate conception because there is only geldings in the pasture with her, but we have it narrowed down to one culprit who was gelded a tad later.

I'm thrilled beyond belief despite the fact that it wasn't exactly a spectacular crossing of horses lol. It's not even my horses, but I'm still very happy and excited. I check the horses EVERY day now just to be the first to see those extra long baby legs trotting beside a mommy.

Sidenote : I've actually tried for an hour to get a picture on here and no luck so ... tomorrow when I'm hopefully less cranky, I'll get one up. :/

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Gayle said...

its like failed birth control