Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pregnancy Week who the hell knows ....

It's so not important. It might be if I wasn't sure about my dates or I was ginormica I suppose, or if there was a problem I guess ... but since the ultrasound especially - I have lost track. I know I should be between 22 weeks and 24 weeks or ... whatever. When people ask how far along I am I shrug and quickly calculate backwards from my due date and throw out a 'I have about 4 months left' answer. I will figure out my weeks in the New Year just so I can update my picture because I suddenly have this belly. It's not twins. I'm pretty sure most of it is cookies because it's not like baby is kicking any higher.

I also haven't seen my midwife in a while ... since my first appointment. WHOA. Stop panicking bahahaha! Seriously people - is there no person responsible for their own health anymore? ;) This is my third pregnancy and we had made a bunch of decisions right at that first appointment. Decisions such as : Ultrasound date and when to follow up if there was concerns, checking blood pressure, and checking in with problems. I did check in at the end of November - ish with headaches but those are long gone after some chiro and massage. Then I checked in after my ultrasound but there were no concerns so I booked for the end of January.

Don't I need to be weighed and measured? Why? I'm not gaining excessively - okay I'm gaining faster than my first two but give me a break. I'm pretty sure my body is just adding extra layers because it's so cold. There is no swelling or high blood pressure so far and the ultrasound gave me the exact day I had predicted so .... why measure?

Don't I want to hear the heartbeat? Well ... at first it's always the most important thing I need to hear but then I realized something as time went on. What would I do about it anyways? No really though ... if there is no heartbeat ... it's already too late to do anything! Now that I've felt movement or movement that I could say for sure was baby (at 16.5 weeks or 16 weeks - just like with my other two) I can tell what baby is up to.

Aren't I worried about baby's health? Of course! That's why I eat healthy, stay away from the unhealthy stuff, get some excercise and keep my stress down. Okay well I do the best I can haha. I am more than aware how quickly things change when it comes to babies and since I'm not the all knowledgeable midwife I'll be checking in the New Year and more regularly after that.

For those who are dying to know though : At Christmas I weighed 130 lbs. Although this is a lot for me to have put on in a short period of time I understand and accept your hatred because you may already be more than that and not pregnant. ;) The problem for me will be later if I continue to gain so quickly - my knees and body will be more tired and sore. I put on 50 lbs for my past two pregnancies but most of the weight gain was in the last 2 months. If I gain like I usual do near the end, I'll be over 150 but like I will point out to anyone who asks, I'll lose all if not most of it.

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