Thursday, December 27, 2012

Welcome to our planet ...

Christmas Eve mass is tradition in my family. We do a reviellon and it's fun and there's cards and food and laughing and mass.

This year, we let all the boys behind and went to mass at 8:30. I disprove of this 8:30 crap because it's called MIDNIGHT mass but ... I digress.

Amelie was a little excited, but I knew she would be bored and I didn't really care. I mean really, I just didn't. I left Will at home because I didn't have the energy to chase him down the aisle or pin him down on the bench. Plus I knew he would fall asleep better if we all left.

Mass started and Amelie and Avery distracted us from listening to anything.

I'm not actually fond of mass in the first place but that's ... that's another digression so ...

There was people sitting in front of us, two young boys, some friends of ours actually. S brought Amelie and Avery some coloring pages and colors and that distracted them for a bit. I actually had a chance to pay attention to the priest - almost.

Amelie begins to ask me about something. I can't remember the flow of conversation but it came down to me talking about Jesus' birthday and that he wasn't alive anymore so we could eat his cake and there's his statue up on the cross.

Suddenly, Amelie is sitting next to me holding up a paper she had colored. I mean over her head way up high kind of holding it up. I look over at her curiously.

"What are you doing?"
"I'm showing Jesus the picture I colored for him. Can he see it?"
"Uh ... yes, sort of, probably I suppose."
"Does he like it?"
"For sure."
"Is he up in the sky?"

Then it was time to exchange the sign of the peace ....
This is what I hear :

Someone : "Paix du Christ."
Someone : "Paix du Christ"
Amelie : "Welcome to our planet."
S : "It means Peace be with you."
Amelie : Oh.

At the end of church Amelie begins to get ready and we tell her that we'll go to memere's and play some cards and have fun.

Amelie : How will we get there? In a spaceship? Is everyone coming? All these people? Will they all fit? Will Jesus come to our planet? In a spaceship? Is there cake? Can I have some? How will he get down from the sky?

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