Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DANGER! I'm walking here.

I fell off a chair and ran into a wall today. Not simultaneously.

I was talking to a teacher, let's call her Natalie (that may or may not be her real name) and then I fell off the chair. I have NO IDEA how she kept her composure as I picked my ass off the floor, rubbing my elbow. I would have laughed my ass off. I would have. I probably would have cried from laughing so hard because I fell in a really stupid and embarrassing way.

She reassured me by saying the kids do it all the time. Maybe she's immune to people falling on the floor.

Anyways, my elbow hurts.

Then I was talking to another teacher - let's call this one Jacquie - and I was also walking and I turned just as the wall appeared. I nearly broke my nose. She did not contain her laughter and laughed her ass off. Thanks Jacquie. Thanks. ;)

Luckily, when I went up the stairs I took my time and did what needed to be done. I needed to talk to my boss later but took one look at the garland/string of lights taped to the floor in his entryway and decided to email him instead. I didn't feel like going to emergency and explaining why I had cut my lip on his desk while walking into his office. :/

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