Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lemon Lavender

I mourned the loss of Spiced Grapefruit in the Scentsy scent bar department. I was truly sad (insert extremely depressing looking face here).

Recently they had this event called Bring back my bar!! I voted like a crazy lady for Spiced Grapefruit (and bubblegum and rootbeer float).

Something hilarious I just realized : For the past month (at least) I've been spelling rootbeer ... like this rootbear. Ha.

Spiced Grapefruit didn't win, nor did bubblegum, but rootbeer float did. Yay!

This post isn't about rootbeer float.

It's about lemon lavender. I cleaned my house and was tired of vanilla cream (Corey's #1 pick) and I decided to try lemon lavender. OMG! I wish I could have called my mom and invited her to my house! It's even BETTER than spiced grapefruit. It smells like I freakin' did spring AND summer cleaning. So. Amazing. And without the devastating side effect of toxic fumes from cleaning chemicals. Super bonus.

Sidenote : I did clean my house but still ... I used a swiffer to wash  my floors. It sure don't smell like lemon and lavender.

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