Sunday, July 10, 2011

Super lame lollyblogger here

Shame on me.

Haven't posted in nearly a month. I would like to say I've been super busy, and I have, but really I'm sure I could have found a moment or two to blog about something. So here's a quick update.

* No foal. The mare either gave birth premature or was super obese and thinned out when she got on greener grass (no that doesn't make sense to me either).

*Will has started to talk, sort of, recently said mémère (after mom drilled it into his head) and pépère (not much prompting) says daddy, there, There it is, bye.

*Amélie decided she didn't want to wear pull-ups anymore so she goes to bed in panties and usually has a dry bed.

*Call of Duty Black Ops has taken priority over posting blog posts.

*Scentsy made my basement smell nice. Mmmmmm.

*I hate mosquitoes a lot.

*I need a bread recipe that makes bread nice and light.

*I REALLY despise those people who post comments on blog posts and aren't helpful at all. :/ I totally do it too but I'm just sayin'

*My friend Jyl has funny facebook statuses and blog posts.

*Amélie likes to repeat everything I say no matter how annoying it is.

*I hate dentists.

Well, that's all for now. :)


Jyl said...

Did you know the human head weighs eight pounds?


Corinne Linfitt said...

No wonder my neck and shoulders are so sore ... frick ...