Sunday, July 10, 2011

Play Dates

I haven't been on a play date with my kids in a long while.

I feel guilty.

There are quite a few people that I would love to go visit! My kids make it difficult for me to sit down and relax. Although these people are cool, relaxed and have a similar sense of humour to mine, I just can't relax when I have to chase my 14 month old son around.

In my own house, I know where all the dangers are. I know what direction he can safely go and I know what he won't touch and how he'll react when I scold him. When I bring him other places, there are an infinite amount of things for him to get into. Although their children are similar ages, their children don't react the same way as Will does. Will is everywhere at the same time. Literally I need to follow him around at other people's houses or else he will destroy something or hurt himself.

I'm not saying he's violent (although witness a tantrum you might think otherwise), I'm saying he's just learned what's okay to play with at home and what's not okay. He can go in the fridge and get himself a fruit and he knows that's okay. He can climb on the couch and sit down but he's just learning not to jump on it. Our house is small and with just one move I can see him almost anywhere unless he's in a bedroom. If I shut all the doors in the house, he can't go anywhere I can't see him, but he can still explore and learn things on his own. All my friends have nicer houses haha.

I get super stressed when I can't see him. Maybe I'm just paranoid, or maybe I'm just aware of what trouble my kid can get into. It makes play dates really stressful for me. So those of you who wanted play dates with me ... bear with me. Maybe I should invest in a leash ...........

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