Monday, February 21, 2011

Update 101 in 1001

Week 3 completed. 

More updates

# 34 Make a fondant cake - I made a cake for Gayle's baby shower. It was interesting. The inside was chocolate/vanilla with cream cheese frosting. And then ... pink and yellow fondant. It was supposed to be a bumblebee but ... it came out as something else lol.

# 78 - Went to the baby shower. I realize it's not the best mommy/me date but ... I'm counting it.

# 93 - The Godfather : February 19th with Devon, Yvonne and Corey. It was actually pretty good. We spent a lot of the time trying to decide if that was or was NOT Al Pacino. It was!

Indiana Jones - Raiders of the lost Ark : February 18th with Corey. I also dislike snakes and thought that the girl actress was annoying haha.

Sound of Music : February 21st with Madison/Amelie/Will. Those kids are so bratty haha. Good ol' classic :)

# 98 - I made some slow cooker potatoes. I don't know what it is with scalloped potatoes, but they hate me. Basically.

There ya go. Awesomeness. Well ... it's getting hard to keep track of things as I do them, especially the weekly ones/daily ones. I'll have to get them into my blog right when I do them.

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