Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cloth diapers

This is really the most intriguing idea ever. Of course, now that I'm going back to work and we are nearly done having kids it seems unreasonable, but ... yet ... I'm always drawn to it! I can't help it. With sites like Babysteals, Mamabargains, Baby Half Off and other places, maybe even Once upon a child or any other 2nd hand store, it's almost, incredibly feasible to buy them too!

I will admit, my first thought when I seen the price of how expensive they were ... for just ONE, made me vomit a little inside my mouth. But ... then, I was introduced to people who do cloth diapering and love it!! So I'm convinced money wise.

But, then again, my water here is ridiculously hard. In fact, I boil it and there's particles floating in my water and TONS of rust. Gross! So the thought of putting any money into cloth diapers and then them being wrecked is not particularly appealing. ALTHOUGH, if they even only lasted for one baby it would still save me a lot of money, and it's not crazy work either. I've also debated using cloth diapers 'part-time'. I'm still debating. Will is probably going to be potty trained by the time I decide something about them.

Then it'll be if it's worth buying them for only 1 baby. If we have our new house by then ... I probably will.

I really wish we didn't have retarded water.

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