Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Shower

My day started off with me crawling out of bed to the sound of my toddler announcing she had to pee, followed by my baby's coos and hand slapping of his crib railing. After stumbling around for a bit I got my act in gear and did stuff. What stuff? I ... have no memory of what happened for about an hour after I woke up.

Then I got ready (showered, made Corey get up, put make-up on (I know you didn't even notice did you? I'm getting better haha)) Then I went outside to start the car ... and it wouldn't start. Blech. After dumping my cargo in the back of the car, I went back into the house and informed Corey that the car wasn't starting. He made a feeble attempt to get out of having to do anything about it, but ... it was a very feeble attempt.

Will and I watched from the window as Corey got it all figured out, boosted and all that mechanical crap. I packed Amelie into the car, after loading it up, and left the house. I had to make one stop because my neighbour T had sick kids :( so I would pick up Gayle's gift there.

I was going to be on time. Yay!

But no.

False alarm.

I forgot my juices. Turn around go back.

Get going again. Yay! Still have time to pick up that gift at the neighbor's! Wait ... where's the food? GAH! Go back. No time to stop this time.

About 1/2 way there I'm thinking about all the stuff that has to get done and I realize I forgot the coffee creamer that I purposely bought for this event. SCREW YOU COFFEE CREAMER! You can just stay home!


Me : What's that noise? (Look down) Oh good. It's nothing important just the low fuel light. No big deal at all. 

I get to Gayle's and pick up my sister Patricia, who is going to come help me set up and I'm honking the horn, phoning her ... (somewhat like a crazy person) HURRY UP I'M GOING TO RUN OUT OF FUEL!! AAAAHHHH!  Mom was already there and waiting (sorry mom)

I didn't run out of fuel.

We got there, unloaded the car, fairly quickly actually, and I stood for ... at least 2 minutes trying to decide if I should get fuel. I went and got fuel. Then. I came back. Patricia and I then tried to make punch. It was great!! (Becky said so, therefore it was true) I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the punch. Weird.

The day itself went pretty good. Quite a few people didn't come, which was disappointing because I'd planned for that many. I mean ... if you can't come last minute, that's one thing, but knowing you won't be able to come and saying you will ... that's another. No?

But I made THIS :

Diaper cake. First one ever. I already want to make
another one. Who wants one!?

My first ever fondant cake. SUPER excited about it.
My next one will also be WAY cooler and better.



ME! Doing a cool pose. Like. I'm SO hip.

Sophie the giraffe.

We played some baby bingo. Toni won. She also won the Mary Kay prize! LUCKY girl! And Melanie won my other prize! YAY! For Them. Speaking of bingo, talk about bad planning. I was down to TWO words ... and I only had 1 prize. Oopsies. Luckily only one person won! HOW? I don't have a friggin' clue!!! PHEW!

I had also made a cake. And I was SO worried it would be gross, but it was actually good! Unfortunately, I had hyped everyone into thinking it wasn't good, so ... hardly anyone ate it. Lol. Oh well. ;) I had also make cookies and fudge and mom brought lots of stuff too. I think it was alright. :)

Interesting fact : I had made some juice ice cubes that never got used. NOW what to do with them???
Interesting fact 2 :  I can't wait to make another fondant cake and diaper cake!
Interesting fact 3 : My basement is in serious need of cleaning again. Sigh.
Interesting fact 4 : I've been stalking Sweet Baby K for new things.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME CAKE AND CAKE! You did such a good job. Have I ever said my baby shower licked? Gayle is very lucky.

Teach me how to make the diaper cake.

Corinne Linfitt said...

Super easy! Well, it's time consuming and my next one will be more so because I want it to be better, but I have a better idea of what I'm doing so that helps. :)