Friday, January 28, 2011

30 days of truth ~ Day 16 - Someone you definitely could live without.

What?! How did I miss this day??? How lame is that?!! Lame I tell you.

I could live without ... angry and bitter, know it all labor and delivery nurses. I don't want them to die, not that kind of living without them ... I just want them to go away.

Why are they so angry? I mean, I'm sure they have whatever reasons, but why take it out on patients??

I'm not here to make YOUR life easier by complying to a million interventions that I will have to pay for ... the rest of my life. Wow. Look I even brought my own support team. You really don't know what's best for me. I'm sorry that because I don't want an epidural I'm going to vocalize through my contractions and that disturbs your lunch. Well, actually I'm not sorry, get a new career. IF you don't have faith in my body, go somewhere else, because I have faith in my body.

That is all.

Disclaimer ;) I am more than aware that not all L&D nurses are like this. You will note, I was pretty specific up at the top.

That was like the lamest little rant I've ever done. Lame.


Abeano! said...

It may have been a little lame but you make a good point. The fact that women giving birth(thinking of all the pushing and grunting and goraning and screaming...)Put up with pushy snarly nurses. Babies are a good thing! Be happy!

I just wanted to say something because I really enjoyed this note and I want to get into blogging and you appear to be on of the few masters I know.

Corinne Linfitt said...

That's the point :)

This isn't a life changing experience for the nurse ... so why can't they just shut their attitudes and be supportive.

And awww, thanks :) I've been checking out your blog too. :)