Wednesday, January 26, 2011

30 days of truth ~ Day 15 - Something or someone you couldn't live without, because you've tried living without it.

Hmmmm. Well ... probably not a someone because I haven't 'not' lived with them. AS in they haven't left me.

My blog. I can't live without it. Okay I could physically live without it, but I would be sad. Well. I suppose I could cope and type in Microsoft Word or something. Forget handwriting, holy crap that would take too long. So old school.

I really enjoy my blog. You know what. Stop the press. I know. I know exactly what I can't live without!!!

My piano. Cry. I. miss. my. piano.

It's at mom's house. I miss my piano like I would miss oxygen. I REALLY miss it. I am living without it. I've been miserable without it. I used to play a lot. And now, when I go to the farm, I get to dabble here and there, nothing exciting and I'm rusty. Maybe that's why I like to type so much. My fingers like dancing across the keyboard? Sigh. MAJOR sigh. I miss it so much.

When we build our new house, mom said I can have it. Technically it's not my piano, it's her piano, but let's be honest, I will play it more than she does. I'm just a few years ... 5 years at most hopefully.

I really miss it. Alright I COULD live without it, but look how cranky it makes me!!!


Jacquie said...

your pretty easy going ,the thinkf you couldnt really live without is food. I love that piano it has always been played in your moms house im glad you play so the music from it wont die.

Corinne Linfitt said...

Well ... I've never tried living without food because that would be dumb. Only dumb people do that haha. You know ... the morons who want to lose so much weight we can see their ribcages. Ok. YOu can see my ribcage no matter what, even 9months pregnant but that's besides the point.