Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Nolan is 10 months old

Today, Nolan is 10 months old.

He's incredible.

He just figured out crawling over the weekend at Tante Pisha and Oncle Chris's house. He likes to give open mouth kisses, high fives to the face (and to the hands). He taught himself to wave and clap (because I guess I'm lazy?) Meh. I discouraged crawling too but he figured that out - that was annoying. Just Kidding. Almost.

He seems to be growing some interestingly curly hair. He has a little curl at the top of his head that begs to be from Baby Einsteins or something. He is very interested in food, unfortunately we've hit an interesting snag. When he eats greek yogurt and it touches his skin (his chest so far) he rashes out. So as a precaution we no longer give him dairy products and he's going to see the doctor to check it out. I also rubbed cheese on him - because what parent wouldn't - and he got a red mark. It wasn't a hive, it didn't stick around, but it was enough to make me paranoid.

I'm going to miss milk, but in order to keep Nolan safe I've removed it from my diet as well until an allergist tells me otherwise. So far, he can eat Sweet Potato, Eggs, Apple ... and multigrain cheerios LOL. I've kept him on THAT diet for about a week to watch for other potential allergy problems. Anyways - I am totally going off-topic.

Nolan ADORES his siblings and 'chases' them around the house all the time. I'd like to expand on this subject but will not. He is also the kid who puts everything in his mouth and has already pooped out sticker jewels. -.-

He is still breastfeeding and likely will for a long time, and Nikki is down to once every 2 days or so, but she is reluctant.

Nolan has 1 tooth. ONE. 3 on the way, but only 1 out. He also likes to chatter and he's discovered making all kinds of weird sounds with his mouth. Clucking. Spitting. Blowing kisses on my shoulders. He's very observant as well and not always keen on strangers, but adores his familiar faces. He can say a little string of words, dadda, mama, bye bye ... and we swear he said I love you to Corey.

If he doesn't want something - he makes it abundantly clear and he's not much of a crier so if he's crying he means business. Whining on the other hand - almost pro. He likes music but not enough to really boogie yet. He doesn't like being in the van in the dark - interesting I know. He can 'drive' a person he just leans the way he wants to go. He likes to look people in the eyes - very closely.

He's a sweetheart.

He gets jealous easily - luckily he doesn't walk yet or JJ might be in trouble ;)

He loves to cuddle, until he doesn't. He likes to be with people, doing what they do whatever it is. He loves to be with me watching me cook, prefers to be in my arms so he can make sure I get it right I suppose.

I don't know who he looks like. I can't tell. He's adorable, and yawning. Maybe an early bedtime tonight.

He goes by Nolan, Noly, Princy-Poo and No-No. He likes No-No the best. I do not need to justify princy-poo ....

<3 <3 Nolan Linfitt.

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