Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I love reading

You know those books that beg you to read them, but you're like ... ssiiigghhh, then you get into it and it's amazing. I love those books. I've been reading about 4 different series at the same time. Why that many? I have a tendency to go from one book to the next and could be up for days reading one series. This way, once I finish a book, before starting a book from one of the other series, I'm in less of a rush and so getting some rest at least.

Sidenote : Nolan is currently inches from the tv watching Little Einsteins. Adorable.

I've been very much enjoying Piers Anthony books and started his series over again. Only 27 books in that series. Then continuing on with my Star Trek books, just finished Atonement by Kirsten Beyer. It was pretty awesome with many story lines. It was interesting reading THAT book, knowing that in another series one of the characters had died. I am at book 6 (or 7) depending how you count it in the series the Last Thirteen. It's a youth book and very quick to read, just had to wait for them to get to my library. I will pick them up tomorrow. I am debating starting a new series with a book called Cinder - not sure if I'll start it or just wait until I quickly finish up the Last Thirteen. Although Cinder has big writing and likely won't take me long to read it.

I love books. I forgot how much I missed reading the words, feeling the emotions, the anxiety, the feel of the ages and even getting lost for a while. It's hard to read in the dark but I've done it anyways so keep Nolan asleep.

The kids are also embracing books and get excited to see what we've brought home from the library. Nikki mostly demands Peppa Pig books and Paw Patrol. I get Nolan a couple board books that he can't destroy so he feels important. William likes the search and find books, anything superhero or lego and Amelie is just starting on chapter books so I got her some comic type books she can practice her english on and some other french ones. I also get good lesson books for them, and the occasional creepy one like 10 Little Princess ... fyi ... it's hilarious and creepy.

We heart books.

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