Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'm out of grapefruit

I didn't think I had a craving this time - but it turns out ... as I sit here STARVING ... that I do. I need grapefruit. RIGHT NOW. IT doesn't help that I have nothing else to curb my anger at not having grapefruit in the house - literally - nothing. No snap peas, no beans, no oranges, no strawberries ... not even carrots. 0_0 sssssiiiiiigggggggghhhhhh

All I have his chocolate cake with sucre a la creme. Oi. I don't even want it. I want grapefruit.

Since we've started making meal plans and eating more raw veggies/fruits and 'checking' what we eat, my fridge gets emptier quicker. I guess I have to seriously re-evaluate my budget for the fresh stuff. It used to go bad so quickly but now .... not so much.

I'm just really wanting grapefruit right now. My cousin owns this business called Munch Eaze where he delivers snacks to people for a small fee. Yep. I'd be his best customer if he lived out here. And ... I'd have grapefruit and I wouldn't have had to leave my house.

Going shopping, even by myself, is a marathon. The drive sucks, the pushing the cart sucks, the loading the truck or car sucks, the driving home sucks ... it alllll sucks. My belly is heavy and my back will hurt, or my feet! Baby shoves around like he/she owns the damn place - he/she DOESN'T just fyi ... renting maybe.

I keep reminding myself 3.5 to 5.5 weeks left. That's not long ... right? Just around the corner and hopefully closer to just 3.5 weeks ... welll that weekend everyone is kind of busy so the Monday after would be okay or before that would be okay too.

Corey works nights this week so he can't just 'grab some grapefruit' to bring me in the morning unless he wants to haul that everywhere at work - lame.

Nikki just brought me a sleeve of crackers - joyously exclaiming SNACK ... so ... I guess we'll do that for now.

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