Sunday, February 22, 2015

Syrup anyone??

Tonight as I watched Suits and enjoyed the tiny handful of popcorn the kids allowed me to have, it occurred to me how quiet it was. Nikki was lying in my arms after having nursed herself to a nap - that's right a 7pm nap. I decided to get up and go check on them and get Amelie in bed because she has school tomorrow.

I'm glad I did.

Earlier that evening William had packed his 'lunch' - he likes to pack some snacks and eat them and I'd seen grapes and crackers when I'd peeked into it.

I approached the bedroom and in the dim light I could see a big blue Tupperware full to the brim of something orange, so I turned on the light and was relieved to see the carrots. Then I noticed William was drinking out of an old Yogurt container I'd washed - Tupperware is expensive FYI. I asked him what it was.

"My drink," William replied.
I looked inside and thought at first it was Iced Tea - except ... we didn't have Iced Tea ....
"It's sywup," He informed me.

0_0 ................

I called daddy to let him know he'd likely be putting Amelie on the bus in the morning ...

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