Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Crazy Carpets

They aren't just for kids.

They are for everyone, including super pregnant women - if you are careful getting on, which I was pretty good at. They are also awesome on the slightest incline, like our driveway.

Amelie and William got them for Christmas and I have no idea who gave them - Corey knows. Today, during outside time after school, I watched Amelie and saw how fast she was going and thought - yeah ... I could do that. So we carefully set down the blue one, got on and Nikki and I went for a ride. It was pretty awesome and we went pretty far and the climb back up wasn't bad - which is important because Nikki insisted 'ENCORE!' a great many times. We were also able to race each other, although ... William cheated a lot of the time.

It made me remember crazy carpets as kids and how we would find the steepest, bumpiest, stupidest hill we could ... then go down .... on our stomachs. I don't know how we survived. Maybe when everyone comes over next we can have races again ....

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