Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nikki's thoughts at 21 months old

Everything looks better when colored on.
Only accept milk from a cup if mom isn't around or if mom doesn't give in to your pleading.
Matante Madison is the best.
Memere is pretty awesome too.
Until she tries to leave ... then she's not cool.
Going outside is fun as long as someone carries me.
Sledding is super fun.
Climbing in the fridge is fun.
Climbing on the couch is fun.
Climbing everything is fun.
Unfolding the laundry is pretty fun too.
Chocolate milk is probably as good as breast milk.
Amelie is my favorite person in the world - right up there with mommy, and mommy-mom (dad)
It's fun calling dad mommy-mom because he gets annoyed.
It's also fun calling William - William Amelie and Amelie - Amelie William : nobody knows why but me.
Batting lashes and yelling YEAH when mommy asks if I want boogie (boob) gets me everything - even cookies.
Playing with the tablets is fun, but only if I can play the kitty kitty game - which mommy gets annoyed with.
When watching my leappad it must have the volume turned up all the way.
Day care was pretty awesome - they had cookies and cuddled me when I needed it, sometimes when I didn't. ;)
I like when Grandpa comes over.
I call everyone grandpa, even the doctor and mommy's boss ...
I like pretending I'm a puppy.
If I don't know what to do, I pretend whoever is scaring me is a puppy.

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