Saturday, January 11, 2014

Yoga with children

Yoga in itself is tough, and by tough I mean at first it requires a fair amount of concentration. It's also supposed to be very peaceful and calming.

Add three kids.

Why don't I do it at night when they are sleeping? Because I'm tired. When they sleep, I sleep. In our house kids don't go to bed at 7pm, frankly I think that's absurd because I don't want to get up at 7am.

Back to yoga.

This means I do my yoga in the afternoon, at some point. The first time, Nikki mostly watched the lady on tv, Amelie criticized my moves and William used me as a tunnel for his trucks and cars and occasionally showed me his own yoga moves.

The 2nd time ..... oy vey. Nikki kept crawling under my legs or grabbing me to pull herself up. William decided that I was a new sort of jungle gym, or better yet, a pony. Amelie took pictures because she's cool like that. So between swatting at children, avoiding blocks and cars and attempting to 'refine' my pose in yogo, I got a good workout I would say.

I crawled into the hot tub both nights to try to ease the muscle pain that I would undoubtedly feel. Today, I can hardly move and feeling not that great.

Yoga with children is like talking to someone with tourettes syndrome. Maybe that syndrome is just a side affect of being a parent .... 

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