Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dr. Who

Honestly, I'm not sure why this wasn't my first post for the new year. I mean ... really ... it's pretty much the only show I watch.

I was introduced to it by my sister-in-law. I don't know how it happened but probably something like:

Yvonne : Have you ever watched Dr. Who?
Me : No.
Yvonne : I like it.
Me : Okay.

And then I started watching it. Dr. Who started a very long time ago, probably around the same time as Jesus was born because the very first season is in black and white and I don't think back then they had color t.v. I only started watching when the 9th Doctor started, so the very first episode I watched was called Rose.

I spent that episode terrified of going to the mall, and currently make wide detours around mannequins. The episodes continued and although frequently snorting at the absurdity and the corniness of the show, I understood that low budgets make for low cool-ness factor. I still liked it.

Then. The 9th doctor became the 10th doctor and I - was - bewildered. Stunned. Angry. Offended. WTF!? I didn't understand the stupidity of this move and didn't like the 10th doctor. Then like everyone else, I grew to love the 10th doctor and was angry ALL OVER AGAIN when he became the 11th doctor. GAH!!!!! Now, we are going to the 12th doctor and I am reserving judgement.

AS for the companions - I was sad to see some go, sad because the Doctor was sad and sometimes sad because I liked them. Others I couldn't wait until he dropped their asses off and most of the red-heads were the best.

But guys, Dr Who Season 6 million, with the 12th Doctor doesn't start until AUGUST 2014. I'M SURE!!!!! RIGHT??!!! So now I'm watching Dr. Who Season 1. The very 1st season. In black and white about the Aztecs.

I want a Sonic Screwdriver or a TARDIS for my birthday. I'm giving you plenty - of notice.

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