Monday, January 13, 2014

Amélie's thoughts about life - at 5 years old

What being 5 means to Amélie - so far

Bedtime SUCKS
There are monsters under the bed and definitely in the closet
Bears will eat you in the winter
William picks on her
Jack Frost is real
So is the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and Baby Jesus
Making cookies is fun
Breaking eggs is more fun
Cutting her own hair is just common place
Coloring on the walls is considered art
Snuggling with mom and dad is the absolute best thing ever
Playing with Nikki is lots of fun too
Jessie is a crazy cat that can never live outside because she'll die but can be thrown down the stairs multiple times - and live
iPods and phones have lots of fun games
Using the PS3 can be done in her sleep.
Yoga is way easier than mom says
Mornings are a stupid time to go to school
Christmas should be all year
Planning a birthday party takes all year and people need to be reminded all year so they remember
She wants to grow up and live with us forever
and ever
Getting old is scary
Dancing is lots of fun
Playing dress-up and putting on makeup is even more fun
Hates brushing her hair but loves getting curls
Kaitlin is her best friend
Matante Madison's friend Vanessa is awesome
Matante Madison is old now
Avery is William's friend and annoying - like William
Hitting William is an acceptable form of dealing with him
You can never have too many barbies
Playing iPod or LeapPad while going to the bathroom is completely normal
Being naked all day except when company comes over is completely acceptable
Everything tastes better with sour cream and seasoning salt. Everything. 
Sleeping at Mémère's is fun - without William

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