Monday, January 13, 2014

William's thoughts about life - at 3 years old

All problems can be solved in three ways :

1. Pretend you're a transformer and 'transform into vehicle mode to avoid confrontation
2. Pretend you're iron man and use your hand blaster against problem
3. Pretend you're a robot that doesn't understand human language

It should be as dark as possible, all the time. It's more fun trying to avoid things - like legos - in the dark.
Getting a haircut is traumatizing
Avery is awesome
Uncle Leo is is best friend
Sometimes daddy is his best friend (mostly at bedtime)
Snuggling mommy is awesome - only at bedtime
chocolate milk is considered a meal
Jessie is like a living doll and the best playmate
Nikki is fun - unless she's touching his blocks, or cars, or crawling over him or sleeping with mommy
All you need to go outside are mitts and boots - all year
recharging batteries is easy
Toy Story is his favorite movie
Jumping on the bed is a must
The Hot tub IS a swimming pool
Annoying Amélie is a good way to pass time
Santa is over rated
It's someone's birthday all the time
Giving someone a thumbs up is an excellent form of praise
The word poop works for everything
When going to the bathroom you should take your underwear off the moment you realize you need to go
Going outside to go pee is totally fine
When mom yells 'What are you doing?!' Always answer with 'Don't worry'
You are 'dressed' as long as you have clothes on - any clothes
Underpants should be worn backwards so you can see the picture properly
putting socks on your hands make excellent iron man blasters
You should try to catch the fish in the fish tank at least once a week
Run. Everywhere
Throw. Everything.
Climb. Everyone. 

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