Monday, January 13, 2014

Nikki's thoughts at 8 months old

Crawling is slow
Standing is important
If she can't get where she needs to go - yell for mamamama
When daddy gets home, immediately say dadadadada
pull the cats tail at all possible opportunities
knock down all blocks the moment you realize someone is trying to build something
Yell at all technology - this includes phones, computers, tv, iPds and LeapPads
hit all technology
paper is for ripping
water is only good if it comes from mommy's cup
eating solids that have been pureed is way lame
eating solids is ok I suppose
sitting in a chair at the table is tons of fun
the exersaucer is boring
sock basket should be empty ALL THE TIME
you should always stick your hand in someone's drink. Always.
If it's anywhere near eye level that means it's free for the taking
Strangers aren't cool
Nobody is cool unless mommy is nearby - except maybe Tante Pisha and Tante Maddie, sometimes Memere
sleeping next to mommy is the only place to sleep, except the couch.
Once you're on your back you can't move. Like a turtle.
Biting people is totally fine
If mommy gives you something new to try, throw it away, immediately until you see her taste it first
Showering is lots of fun, tub time too
Only laugh at home around mommy, daddy and siblings - remain serious all other times
the car seat is stupid, and so is facing backwards
Driving places sucks, until we get there, then it's fun, unless there's strangers then it sucks again, until we get used to them, then it's fun, unless there's kids then it's DEFINITELY fun
Markers are fun for jabbing at paper and yelling at
yoga - easy

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