Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I really didn't think anything of it when I had seen that Jessie had a siamese looking sibling. For real, I just kind of ... whatever - shrug.

It turns out, Siamese cats have a tendency to be a little on the crazy side. Day-Doh and Jessie get along really well.

Jessie had a sibling - Ice - but let's not talk about what happened to Ice. (RIP) Jessie ... is an all black kitten. She is about (shrug) I forget how old. Maybe 6 months? Maybe not. I forget.

All about Jessie :

Jessie wants to grow up to be a thoroughbred horse, or a panther. Maybe both. She is very quick on her feet - paws. Being quick is what has kept her alive.

She likes to keep things neat and tidy, especially the table and the kids' plates. She's also very, very cuddly and sometimes gets lost in the blankets so to make sure she doesn't get squished she occasionally gives a love bite so you remember she's there. Sometimes she makes sure to give multiple love bites especially while cuddling.

Jessie also encourages exercise and physical activity and does so by chasing you around the house and attacking your legs so you have to quick on your toes! She's very stealthy so you also have to be very alert. Jessie is also a window gazer, and doesn't like her view obstructed with plastic.

Apart from all this, Jessie tolerates being dragged around the house by William. Literally. She's also very resilient, despite her inability to land on her feet. She has developed her own self-defense method and also investigates each new person that comes into the house. You know you've been accepted if she tries to bite your face off or attach herself to your leg.

Jessie is always looking out for us and protecting us from getting cold by making sure there is no part of us uncovered by blankets at night. She gently ... reminds us that we should always be covered up. She also reminds us not to leave our feet dangling ... anywhere. Ever. Probably in case of monsters.

How thoughtful.

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