Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This toy was invented by someone who has no kids. For sure. Amélie, suddenly, decided she wanted this toy - absolutely must have - shortly before Christmas.


I was against it. Completely. Mostly because it looked annoying. Corey had no opinion at this point. We decided to get one for a close friend's daughter instead. Hahahahhaahha. Plus - hello it was on sale and I'm all about a great deal.

I googled Furby because I had to make sure it would come with all required apps and whatever - you know? Turns out they will have all needed torture tools to make this Furby come to life. I also had to google it because Corey and I do not have iPhones. We went crazy and got Samsung phones. Unfortunately, Furby Boom is compatible.

Plus. I love a great deal and seeing a big smile.  So I caved.

The first Furby we tried to get her ended up being spotted by her snoopy little five year old eyes, GAH so we had to put it back and pretend that her brother had been about to buy it for her. THEN I found a different one and got that one without her noticing, but my days of hiding presents in the house are SO OVER.

Wait ... why is this post going so crazy?? Anyways, back to the point - Furby. AKA Day-Doh.

Seriously - who the hell picks out the names for these things. Oh wait. Amelie did. In Furby language that means Powderpuff - or in my language it means annoying-big-eyed-pink-fluffy-creepy-rude toy. At first, it was all fun and games, and then it randomly talks at you while you're cleaning toys.

Oh here's me, tidying the toys. La lalalalala
Furby - Day-Doh Likey!!! (imagine the creepiest voice you can think of)
Me : What ... the ....
Furby - Hubba hubba ....
Me : I'm sorry, you're a kid's toy??
Furby - (farts) and laughs hysterically
Me : 0_0!!!!

I banished the toy to Amélie's room. Forever.

Except. FIVE YEAR OLD POUTY EYES happened. Fiiiinnneee you better feed, water, play with your pet. Here's my phone. After a while, I hear hysterical laughter and the apps for this toy ... I mean seriously, there's a toilet?? And he has hairballs?? GROSS Plus is it a boy or a girl? Our Furby frequently changes voices and we are always trying to decide.

Furbys are also supposed to be interactive and 'learning' toys. I don't mean 'learning' like they teach your kid important life things ... but like they learn from being taken care of and speech from kids. Oh yay. (eye roll) Luckily, Day-Doh doesn't spend much time with William or else the only words our Furby would say are swears and poop. And the occasional little rant about how William is best friends with Uncle Leo. So cute.

Back to creepy Furby. I don't see how it's learning anything yet, but it's only been around a couple weeks. I'm just saying it better learn some manners and some nice, polite words or else it's going to end up shoved at the back of Amélie's closet. 

 With the batteries taken out. Creepier than the Furby's creepy voice pattern, are the creepy voice pattern and the light up eyes staring at you in the dark.


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